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Fashion 1 year ago

What to Bring for your Beach Picnic (& the Bag that Can Carry it All)

As a mom, I’ve realized just how important checklists are to maintain my sanity. Groceries, packing, to-do, shoots, catching up on work emails…I have so many lists! I now even have a list of things to bring on a beach day to ensure I don’t miss a thing! So, I consolidated my list to share with you what to bring to the beach and the ultimate bag that can carry it all:

The Bag

You might recognize this bag from my summer beach bag edit post, and I can honestly say I’ve been using it nonstop! It fits everything- and trust me when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. From beach blankets to snacks, to Chloe’s toys, this bag can fit it all. Not to mention it’s super sturdy, super chic and super easy to clean! (Which is something I never really appreciated about a beach bag until I had Chloe!)

The Jumpsuit

So this isn’t something you’d so much bring to the beach as it is something you’d wear to the beach (over a super cute swimsuit of course)! This jumpsuit (similar here) is easy and breezy, looks cute with flip flops or heels and can easily scrunch up into a beach bag to wear after a day by the ocean, or a suitcase for a tropical vaycay!

The Sunscreen

I might sound like a broken record, but I can’t stress enough how important wearing sunscreen is. This guy from La Mer has been a beach bag staple for me for ages now. It’s so lightweight, so you can wear it alone or under your makeup.  Its hydrating and really doesnt feel like you have sunscreen on (we all know that feeling)! And with great sunscreens like this one on the market right now (and my ultimate sunscreen guide) you have no excuses to ever leave your house without some!

The Sunnies

A good pair of sunnies is a no-brainer for a beach day. I’ve fallen head over heels for these retro looking shades from Karen Walker! I love that smaller frames are making a comeback.

The Towel

So you get to the beach, find the perfect spot… and then what? Beach towels are great until the sand sticks to it, so when I found this beach blanket I was sold! It shakes off the sand in a pinch at the end of the day, takes up less room than a bulky beach towel, doubles as a chic wrap if it gets chilly, and is bigger than your average towel!

The Beach Read

There’s nothing better than getting lost in a good book at the beach while listening to the waves crash on the shore. I’m always on the hunt for a great beach read and when one of the girls on the CINCteam recommended this one I fell in love! It’s filled with beautiful poetry and trust me you’re not going to want to put it down!

What do you guys always carry in your beach bag? Let me know down below!


Photography by Drew Scott

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What to Bring for your Beach Picnic (& the Bag that Can Carry it All)

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