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Mommy Week 1 year ago

MOMMY Week Day 4: Letters with Love

Happy Mommy Week Day 4! I wanted to do something a little different. I’m so blessed to be a mother to my gorgeous baby girl, but I’m also a daughter to the most incredible and loving mother. So today, I wanted to shine a little spotlight on my Umma Lim and share a beautiful letter she wrote to me for Mother’s Day.


하나님께서 엄마와 아빠에게 귀한 딸 소정이를 주셔서 항상 감사하단다.  너는 우리에게 행복과 사랑이 가득한 축복의 단비였다.

아직도 엄마와 아빠는 아기소정이를 무릎에 앉히고 “소정아,소정아, 울르르르..”얼리면 맑은 눈을 마주치며 깔깔 웃던 예쁜얼굴이 떠오른다. 커가면서는 조용히 그리고 수줍게 피어나는 아름다운 꽃망울같은 너를 보며 엄마와 아빠는 넋을 잃곤 했었어. 

그뿐 아니라 너는 엄마에게 카운셀러, 친구,트레이너와 같은 존재였다.  엄마가 힘들때 일으켜 주었고, 포기하고 싶을때에는 잡을수 있는 힘을 주었고, 혼동이 될때는 맑은 정신을 찾게끔 해주어 더 나은 엄마가 되게 해주었어.

이젠 네차례구나.
너의 딸 Chloe로 인해 많은 복을 누리고 감사가 이어지길 엄만 기도한다.  순간 순간을 즐기며 감사하며 살기를 바라며 …

2017.5.13 엄마가

English Translation: 


We always thank God for giving us a special gift, our daughter Sojung in the journey of our life. You are a shower of blessing with full of joy and love.

I can still remember the moment and the feeling of happiness when we put baby you on our lap and singing,” Sojung, Sojung, woolooloo..” then your laugh would burst with those beautiful clear eyes wide open. As you were growing, you were like a calm and shy beautiful flower bud to us and we were fascinated all the time.

Besides that, you made me a better person and mom by being my teacher, mentor,  trainer, friend and so on…  You stood me up when I was weak, you sustained me when I feel like I wanted to give up, you made my mind clear when I was confused.

These are enough reasons on why I thank my daughter, right?

Now, it is your turn.  I pray for you to enjoy every single moment and thank God for all the blessing thru lovely Chloe.

On 2017’s Mother’s Day

After reading Umma’s letter to me I was inspired to write my Chloe bear a letter. I know she won’t be able to read it for a while, but writing her a letter now is will feel like some sort of time capsule where I can preserve this moment in time forever. One day she can read it and know exactly how much I love her.

My dear Chloe,

It’s been two years since I’ve had you and to say you changed my life is an understatement. Although it’s Mother’s
Day I wanted to flip the script and write YOU a letter on this Mother’s Day because if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be a mother.

Being your mama has been God’s biggest gift to me. Because of you, I’ve been able to discover a whole new side of me that I didn’t even know existed. This nurturing, motherly, and intuitive side. When I first had you I honestly did NOT know what to do with myself. Being a mother was such unknown territory for me that I continuously doubted and questioned myself. The earlier days were such a blur… the late night feedings to the sleepless nights. As you grew and started to develop… so did I. My heart grew a bit bigger, so I could fill it up with more love than ever before. My skin got a bit thinner, so I could feel a bit more and have empathy. And my purpose and whole being in life made a 180 turn because of you. And I have to thank you for that.

You are not so much a baby anymore. You know exactly what you want and you will fight for it, you can now talk in full sentences… your current favorite sentence is “mama, I want ice cream” lol. But the other day as Mama and Papa were tucking you into bed you grabbed my head and then Papa’s hand and you said “I love family” and I literally wanted to cry out loud because I was so proud and so touched. I’m not sure if you fully understand what “family” means quite yet but know that “family IS everything” and we will be here for you until the end of time. You are in school and excelling in your activities and academics. I am so impressed how fast you are learning and your ability to make friends and have them follow you. (I guess you are a natural born leader…. just like Mama. Ha!) You have a long way to go but it makes me so proud knowing how much you have learned and grown in the past year.

I’m not going to lie… there are days I just want to quit everything and just spend every waking moment with you. But I have to tell you that I absolutely love what I do and I hope if there is one thing you can learn from me as your mom… that is to do something you love, work hard, be patient, and be kind to others. Magical things can happen if you follow that formula. I feel so blessed I’m able to work while raising you and I hope I can inspire you to one day be a fearless and independent woman, yet empathic and kind to those around you.

Thank you, Chloe, for being the most perfect daughter I could ask for. I love every part of you- flaws, tantrums, and all. You are perfect in my eyes.
I can’t wait to continue to grow with you and watch you flourish in life. Thank you, Chloe, for allowing me to be your mother and hopefully one day you can read this letter and know how much I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day to me and all the mothers out there!

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MOMMY Week Day 4: Letters with Love

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