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Tips to Restart your Fitness Routine

Hey, guys! It’s Jana Williams again! I’m so excited to be back on The Chriselle Factor today to share with you some more helpful, healthy tips!

Goodness gracious, life can be so demanding! Between our jobs, maintaining a home, trying to spend quality time with our spouse and loved ones… it can be so easy to not do what we need to do for ourselves and we fall off from our workout routine. Believe me, it happens to me all the time and lord knows once I’ve fallen off, it can seem so hard to get back on it. And when that happens and I find myself off of my game, here are 5 things I’ll do to restart and recharge my workout routine:

#1. Stop Beating Yourself Up!

Embrace the fact that every day is a new day and we are blessed with an opportunity to begin again. It’s all just a matter of deciding that today is the day! Find a minimum of 20 minutes and find a place where you can set up a laptop, your phone or tablet and literally jump into one of the many cardio calisthenics type workouts that are available online.

I personally love Kayla Itsine’s workouts! They’re fast, effective, full body workouts consisting of squats, lunges, crunches, mountain climbers and planks with very little rest in between. She’ll get your blood pumping and your muscles burning!

Now if you can get past day one, then day two can happen that much easier and after you’ve put together back to back workouts, then my 2nd tip might not seem too far fetched.

#2. Find a 30 Day Challenge to Get Involved In.

Once you’ve found the 20 or 30 minutes that you are going to commit to your daily workouts, then it might be cool to link up with an online community and participate in a group challenge. These are awesome because all your workouts are laid out for the entire month. There’s no thinking involved about the type of workout you’re doing or which body part to focus on, it’s all been carefully coordinated for you! Plus, you have the added motivation and incentive of training along with a group.

There is something about knowing that you are not doing the workouts alone, that there is a “we” who are in it together and that can be extremely motivating. Check out Tone It Up! Karena and Katrina have an awesome way of involving and engaging their online community!

#3. Buy Yourself a Cute New Outfit to Work Out In.

Well, I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling kind of stale about my workouts, a little retail inspiration can be just the thing to freshen things up. A new sports bra, a snazzy pair of pants and a comfy hoodie and suddenly I’ve got my mojo back. A brand new pair of sneaks can also put a little pep in your step. If you look good, then you feel good and feeling good about working out is half the battle.

#4. Find a Work Out Partner and Keep Eachother Accountable.

When my girlfriend calls me the night before and says she’s already signed up for the 6 AM boot camp class, it’s a little easier to make that commitment, whereas if it’s just for me, I might choose to hit snooze on my alarm. Sound familiar? Having a workout buddy can also help you fulfill two needs at once, staying on track with your workout regimen and spending some quality time with a friend. It’s always great to catch up over a juice or a smoothie after we’ve done something really awesome for ourselves!

#5. Try Different Types of Workouts.

Boredom is the number one reason people drop out of their routines. Many trainers advocate diversifying your workouts to keep your muscles guessing. So if you belong to a gym that offers free classes then by all means, check ’em out! What do you have to lose… except maybe a few pounds? Here in L.A., we have something called Class Pass‎ where you can choose any 5 classes from hundreds of popular studios or gyms like The Bar Method, Peloton, Exhale, BFX Studio all for $19! Groupon and Living Social are also great resources for finding great deals on different workout classes in your area.

Snapping a few before and after photos so you can track your progress is also a great idea! For tons of photo, tips head over to my blog by clicking here!

Hopefully, these suggestions will help take the “work” out of your workouts and make them much more fun-filled and fulfilling. Please feel free to comment and share what you do to keep your routines fun and interesting. Look forward to hearing from you!

Stay Inspired!


Photography via Jana Williams