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3 Easy Spring Braids

Braids can be really intimidating. For me personally, anything beyond your average braid seems pretty unattainable and hard to achieve! So, in the spirit of springtime and the quest to achieving easy braided looks this year, I asked my girl Chelsea to give me 3 looks that I can easily recreate myself (or even on Chloe)!

From sleek and sophisticated pigtails to a twist on the half bun, these braids are the perfect solution for those days when you wake up with a bad hair day and need a quick and chic solution.

The Braided Half Bun

This first look is a take on something I do all the time. Since I always wait a few days between washing my hair, a half bun like this is the perfect look for that day-three hair. To get this look, start off by sectioning off the hair on the crown of your head, almost as if you had bangs. Then, starting from your forehead, do a small french braid into a ponytail, then put it up in a bun like you normally would. Add a little dry shampoo to add some texture, and some hair spray to help keep everything in place!


The Balmain Braid

This look was inspired by an amazing editorial I saw of Kendall Jenner wearing Balmain. In the photos, she had four small braids flanking her middle part. It was sleek and strong and I totally fell in love. While her hair in the photos was slicked back, I wanted to take a more laid-back approach to the hairstyle. I first parted my hair down the middle, then sectioned off a portion of my hair on either side. I did a loose French braid down each side from my middle part and tied them off separately. Then, I gathered all my hair and put it up in a low bun resting at the back of my neck. I pulled out a few strands of hair to add some texture and finished off the look with some hairspray!

The Sophisticated Pig Tails

Boxer braids were everywhere last year and I love this updated take on them! Instead of braiding my hair to hang on either side of my head, I braided the reverse French braids to the back of my head. It ended up looking kind of like a ponytail I ended up loving so much! This style is absolutely perfect for when I’m working out or for the beach. It keeps my hair out of my face but still looks chicer than your average ponytail! PS: when you take the braids out, it gives you the most beautiful beach waves ever just make sure to add some spray!

There you have it! My 3 Easy Spring Braids that you can totally recreate! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and have a great day! PS: Be sure to shop all of my braid necessities down below!


Photography by Karla Ticas

Hair & Makeup by Archangel Chelsea