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Beauty 1 year ago

How to Fake Perfect Skin

Achieving perfect skin is always easier said than done. There’s a lot of work, time and effort that goes into maintaining your skin and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight! As much of the skincare junkie that I am, there are many times that I have to rely on the help of my makeup to get that flawless skin finish. But, we all know that it’s so much more than just slapping some concealer and foundation on your face and hoping for the best. Here are my five steps to faking perfect skin:

Step 1: Foundation Primer

Starting out with a foundation primer might seem like an unnecessary step, but I can honestly say it makes all the difference. I use this one by Laura Mercier as the first step in my routine because it gives a good base before I apply my foundation. It’s like when you do your nails and you add a base coat! It just helps everything stick and fills in your pores for a nice and even canvas. This formula also adds a subtle glow which really makes my skin look beautiful and radiant. There are tons of primers on the market, all catered towards different skin types and makeup needs!

Step 2: Foundation

I know I’ve already talked about this foundation in my Winter Beauty Routine, but I can’t say enough great things about it! It has fantastic coverage without weighing your skin down and a little bit goes such a long way. I usually apply it with a brush or a beauty blender, but when I’m in a hurry it works great with just my fingers as well.

Step 3: Concealer

If I’m having a bad skin day, a little concealer can go a long way. I usually dab some concealer on my problem areas, and I use a lighter shade under my eyes to give me a little dimension and brighten up that area. I also keep a concealer in my purse for touchups throughout the day!

Step 4: Powder

After I’m done concealing what needs to be concealed, I set everything with a powder. I really like this one from Mac because it adds a little bit more coverage! But using a translucent powder like this one works just as well. Setting my foundation with a powder really helps lock everything in and gives my skin a beautiful matte look, which is great for my long shoot days! Pro tip: a pressed powder in a compact is great to throw in your bag for touchups throughout the day.

Step 5: Highlighter

Last but not least, a highlighter! This strobe cream by Mac is awesome for adding a little oomph to my makeup look. I apply my highlighter to the top of my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, under my eyebrows, the inner corner of my eyes and the cupid’s bow of my lip! There are tons of highlighters in different consistencies like liquid, a stick or powder. Recently, I’ve been going back and forth between these two: here and here!

Do you have any skin tips/tricks you do when you’re having a not-so-great skin day? Let me know in the comments below!


Photography by Karla Ticas

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How to Fake Perfect Skin

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