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TRAVEL 1 year ago

How to Eat Healthy When You Travel

Hey, everyone, it’s Jana Williams! I loved reading your feedback on my last post and I’m so happy to be back again this week. I travel a lot for work, and it’s always a challenge to eat healthy.  I’m sure many of you feel the same way when traveling!  I’ve found that it is much easier for me to pack healthier foods prior to boarding, especially when I know how real my love for comfort food is. It’s important to prepare in advance prior to your travels so that you’re feeling your absolute best once you arrive your destination! So, I’ve gathered a list of items and helpful tips for the plane & hotel room that will help you curb your distractions to keep you on the healthy track!

When I travel, I have a big bag of pre-packed food and snacks to have on the plane. They are perfect to bring to the airport and stuff into your carry-on or purse. I usually have:

1. Luna Bars, Fruits, Dried Fruits, Trail MixKind Bars.

2. Single Packet Protein Powders – these are great for on-the-go protein shakes! Bring your water blender bottle (like this one) on the plane, ask for water add the powder and you’re already being healthy on the plane!

3. Justin’s Almond Butter – these are single packaged almond butter squeeze packs that are so delicious to pair with bananas or by itself!

Did You Know:

You can bring meats, veggies, fresh fruit, & salad from home on the plane?   I’ve also found that it’s easier if you pre-dress your greens, instead of putting your dressing in a 3.4oz container. Make sure that your food is wrapped before bringing it to the airport!

Dehydration is so common while on the plane, that it’s important to drink water instead of reaching for wine! 

UV Rays can still reach your skin while on the plane. I found this inside info from one of my bride’s who was a stewardess. Great tip! So make sure to put on that sunscreen  

Another tip I use all the time is to call my hotel ahead of time and ask if my room has a mini fridge. If it doesn’t, ask them to clean out the mini bar and use it as a fridge! That way you can take a trip to the market and stock up on healthy foods like:

Hard Boiled Eggs
Fruits & Vegetables
Ezekiel Bread- it’s so great for your body, and it has no flour and more healthy grains than most bread!
GURU Organic Energy Drink– this is great for that organic pick-me-up to start your day!

Here are some other tips and tricks I’ve picked up:

1. Make sure your lunch is your biggest meal. If you’re traveling for work, you may not be picking the restaurant for dinner so try to prepare yourself for a smaller dinner. 

2. Ordering dinner can become quite distracting. I find it helpful to check the menu ahead of time & decide on proteins beforehand. I also like to eat a protein bar before dinner if I’m really hungry so that I don’t arrive at the dinner table starving.

4. Search for healthy spots at your destination on! I use this site when I travel all the time and I find the nearest healthy restaurants around to check out!

5. If you’re going to drink, stick to vodka soda instead of wine while you’re traveling. This will eliminate a ton of calories!

6. If you’re going to have a cheat day, do it on the last day.  That way, you’ve made it the whole time eating healthy and you can reward yourself with a treat at the end of your trip!

7. Remind yourself that traveling is about all the experiences not just food. Make some beautiful new memories and enjoy yourself.

Do you have any tips or tricks you use when you travel? Let me know down in the comments and I’ll see you next time!

Stay Inspired!


Photos via Jana Williams

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How to Eat Healthy When You Travel

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