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Motherhood 1 year ago

3 Moms On How They Stay Sane

Balancing being a mom and having a career is a “live-and-learn process” kind of thing. Between the mommy-guilt of traveling and being away from Chloe for long periods of time and trying to be as present as possible when I’m at work has been a somewhat of a bumpy transition. Luckily, I have some amazing mommy friends who are either going through the same thing that I am or have already done it!  It’s always nice to have a mommy network.

I read somewhere that you should never be the smartest person in the room, and you should always surround yourself with people that can help you learn and grow. So, I asked 3 of my amazing mommy friends how they stay sane! Because sometimes when you feel like you’re losing it, it’s so incredibly nice knowing other mommies are going through the same thing and have their own set of tricks to stay sane too.

Lauren Barlow

Lauren, AKA Madam President from the CINCteam is such an amazing momma! She and I were pregnant with our first babies at the same time and her daughter Kirby is only a few months older than Chloe!

1. Sleep Training:
Knowing that my daughter will be in asleep by 7 pm saves my brain.  I know every day that there is an end in sight!

2. Working out 2 times a week:
Being able to sweat or
OM it out helps me clear my head and provides a short amount of time I am not thinking about my child.

3. Wine:
I never understood why so many moms had boxed wine in their refrigerators… until I had a baby!

4. Babysitters:
It’s so important to be able to go out and enjoy a dinner without having a kid around.








Molly Sims

You might remember Molly from this adorable YouTube video we did together! Watching Molly balance two kids and an amazing career in the spotlight has been so inspiring and I’m so lucky to be able to call her a friend. 

TIP #1: Find Your Momma Village

A.K.A: your support system. Like the old saying goes… I definitely believe raising children takes a village. When I had Brooks (my first!) I was clueless. My mom friends were like my Rosetta Stone for parenting. They told me what stroller is best, what bottles to use, what supplements to try. They also helped me psychologically, too. Don’t burn yourself out by trying to do it all. It’s okay to ask for help! And within this momma village, you help them out too!

TIP #2: Don’t Forget a Little Self Care

As a mom, it’s easy to forget your needs. But, as the captain of the ship, it’s crucial to pay attention to them. If not, you’ll end up feeling burnt out, frustrated, and won’t be your best self. For me, I love a good work out. It relieves my stress and gives me that boost of self-confidence.


Sara Sohn

Sara AKA MommaSohn is my BFF. She’s got a daughter a few years older than Chloe (pictured here) so her advice was priceless as I was going through my pregnancy! Even now I know I can come to her with any questions or concerns I might have. 

“I feel so incredibly blessed to have the choice to stay at home but the daily grind is mentally exhausting. The routine can make me feel burnt out and impatient with my kids. To stay sane, I call my I sister (@tbrmagazine) 3-4, let’s be real sometimes 16, times a week. I can let out even the most mundane frustrations and that refreshes my soul. The sisterhood of motherhood is the thing that keeps me sane. And for reals, go to bed at a decent time people.”



Charlotte Groeneveld

Charlotte Groeneveld is the incredible mind behind TheFashionGuitar and the mother to two adorable kiddos! 

“Because I work from home, a tidy house keeps me sane. I don’t have a housekeeper around all the time, so I do little things that make sure that rooms are not a total chaos from the moment my day starts e.g. making all the beds, hang the towels, and clean up after breakfast. Funny enough my desk is often a mess, but I call that my organized chaos. Only I know where everything is. Then, at the end of the day, when the kids are in bed, I make sure all toys are out of my sight, and I have one small glass of red wine to enjoy, together with my husband. Last but not least, what really really keeps me sane, is in fact sleep. Hence, I go to bed as early as I can, so that I can start the next that happy and fresh!”

Any other mommas have any tips? I’d love to hear them, so let me know down below!


Photos via Lauren Fong, Sara Sohn, Charlotte Groeneveld, and Molly Sims

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3 Moms On How They Stay Sane

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