Motherhood 4 years ago

Motherhood with Molly Sims


Since becoming a mom, I’ve realized just how important having a good support system really is.  I’m so thankful to have Allen, my parents and my in-laws but I also love my network of mommy friends. So for this extra special Motherhood Monday post, I’m super excited to share this story I shot with the gorgeous Molly Sims! (Remember this picture of us at the Baby 2 Baby Gala event?) We spent the day together cooking up quick and easy healthy treats for the kids (make sure to check out the video below)! Afterwards, I was able to sit down and ask her a few questions about mommy guilt, beauty and traveling with kids!

Chriselle: Do you ever have mommy guilt?
Molly Sims: To be honest–I had mommy guilt from the second I gave birth. It’s almost inevitable. You never feel like there’s enough time. You just have to do the best you can. It all comes to time management. I always tell myself to “pick a lane.” When I’m working I’m all work. When I’m with my family and kids, they are my priority. It definitely helps.

C: What are your mommy beauty must-have?

MS: I’m obsessed with a dewy glow but a lot of times (especially since I’m pregnant) I have to fake it a bit. The Dewy Skin Face Mist from Tatcha is amazing. Just a spritz of it to prep my skin for makeup or just as a refresher is a game changer.

C: This is a tough one for me, but I’d love to hear your best tips for traveling with kids? 
MS: I could go on forever with this one. Traveling with kids is rough! Here are some of my tips:

TIP #1: Try to schedule your flights around nap schedules or anything your baby is used to. At the end of the day, it’s all about routine for children. Normally, I do it when I know my kids will nap! Even if it’s just an hour, every bit counts!

TIP #2: Always, always prepare. Snacks, food, formula. You need to be prepared for whatever happens for a 24-hour period.

TIP #3: I love a good bag (obsessed with my Mansur Gavriel!). I like carrying backpacks so I can have as many hands as possible. Choose something durable and can withstand traveling.

TIP #4 Maybe the weirdest one of all–but it works. I always stick some wee-wee pads that we all use to potty train dogs as something sanitary to lay down when changing a diaper in the airport or plane. It’s easy to dispose of, too.

TIP #5: KEEP THEM BUSY! Whether it’s coloring books, stickers, or even the iPad. Make sure to charge it before you get on the plane! And, guess what? Mom doesn’t feel guilty. For Scarlett, I pack pipe cleaners! She loves it. We make shapes, we make bracelets. It might sound too good to be true but it works.

I had such a blast hanging out with Molly and her kids, and I hope you all enjoyed her interview as much as I did. Happy Monday everyone! Make sure to watch below, Molly share’s her ultimate beauty salad with me!

P.S: The countdown begins now!  10 days until we launch something really, really special!  Stay tuned…



Photography by Drew Scott