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5 Ways to Make Your Dining Room Look More Expensive

More often than not, time with family and friends is spent in the dining room and kitchen more than it is the living or family room. So with the holidays slowly approaching, you want your dining area to be the best that it can be. Today, we’re bringing you our top tips on how to elevate your dining space to make it look beautiful and more expensive.

Add Statement Lighting

Buying a new lighting fixture is a small investment, but if you’re going to splurge on anything for the dining room, it should be for the ceiling light. A gorgeous chandelier can add that extra sparkle your space needs. A modern, eye-catching light fixture can give visual interest to an otherwise bland room. The dining room light is frequently the center of the room and draws the eye’s focus, so make sure your guests are focusing on something special.

Bring Out the Fine China

Lots of people have beautiful dining accessories or family heirloom plates that go untouched, living somewhere in the dark back of a curio cabinet. Don’t store these great pieces, show them off and give them their chance to shine! Or, if you haven’t updated your serveware in a while, make this year the year you do and shop our collection at Kathy Kuo Home.


Mix Your Styles

Everyone is expecting a traditional dining room set with a matching table and chairs. But one easy way to add style and thoughtfulness to your dining room is to piece together different looks and styles for a fun and cohesive eclectic look. Pair a traditional table with acrylic chairs. Or buy a modern table and flank it with French country dining chairs and a mid-century style bench. This sense of design with elevate your dining space and impress your guests.


Don’t Skimp on the Centerpiece

Whether it’s a vase filled with your favorite fresh cut flowers for fall, or it’s an arrangement of pumpkins and gourds and candles, don’t skimp on the centerpiece. It is, after all, the center piece that everyone sees and will talk about.


Revamp with a Rug

The rug (if there even is one) may be one of the most overlooked details of the dining room…but it makes all the difference. Ground the room with an interesting print or color that brings the room together. Your guests will appreciate the soft underfoot as well. Shop our rugs online here.


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