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Paris Fashion Week 2 years ago

Paris: Do it Like The Locals

From 7 things to do in Paris to 3 Cafes you absolutely need to visit, you know how much I love the City of Light! So the last time I was in Paris for Haute Couture week, I wanted to compile a list (with a little help from some lovely Parisian friends) of the best of the best! I’ve narrowed it down into 5 categories, like shopping and dining and neighborhoods so here’s how to do Paris like a Parisian!

Favorite Neighborhood

Paris is divided into twenty Arrondissements or districts, and one of my favorite areas happens to live in the 18th. Montmartre! At the beginning of the 20th century, Montmartre was home and the workplace to many influential artists such as Claude Monet and Salvatore Dali. But you probably know of it because of Moulin Rouge or the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur, which sits atop the large hill. You also might recognize the Basilica because of this post here!

So if you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, be sure to check out Sacré Coeur (the best time to visit is early in the morning to beat the tourists!) and stop by La Maison Rose! You might remember this gorgeous pink building from one of my Instagram posts. Sadly, it was closed the last time my team and I stopped by, but we’ll be there next time!

Best Juice Spots

As an LA girl at heart, you know how much I miss my juices! And in efforts of staying healthy while I travel, I knew I needed to find a good Juice spot in Paris. I asked around and found that Juice it and Maise Cafe are the best! Juice it, which is located near Le Palais Royal and Maise Cafe near Place Vendôme were lifesavers! Maise Cafe was even featured on Vogue Paris!

So when you’re in Paris and you’re eating bread and pasta and crepes and bread and macaroons and did I mention bread? Sometimes you need a little dose of something healthy. So trust me, your body will thank you!

Best Shops

With Paris being one of the Fashion Capitals of the world, I’m sure you can imagine how difficult it was to narrow down the best shopping. So with the help of some Parisian friends, I picked two shops (for now!) that you have to stop by when you’re in Paris! The first is Merci. Besides the adorable red car out front and the even cuter cafe flanking the shop itself- Merci is filled with unique finds from clothing to home. Bon-Ton, a children’s concept store has also made my list. With Chloe growing so fast, I’m always on the look out for cute clothes for her. Bon-Ton has the cutest clothes, furniture, and toys a kid can ask for! (I wonder if they have my size!)

Best Restaurants

Just like picking the best shops, narrowing down the best places to chow down was super difficult. When my team and I are in Paris, we love to try as many new places as we can- but these two places always have us coming back for more! Grazie, an Italian place near La Marais, is our go-to pizza stop after shows and Lac Hong, a Pho place in the 8th Arrondissement has kept us coming back year after year! I went the first time I was in Paris and we’re regulars now! It’s an adorable mom & pop shop and it has the best homemade Pho in Paris!

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Best Instagram Spots

In a city where every corner is more gorgeous than the last, there are so many picture perfect places in Paris! But what are the best? Though I’m still exploring and discovering Paris each time I visit, there are two spots that my team and I have decided make for the best photo ops. The first, Les Deux Plateaux, or Colonnes de Buren. I’m sure you’ve seen those striped columns all over Instagram and Pinterest, even here on the blog! This art installation by Daniel Buren is located in the inner courtyard of the Palais Royal, which is located right by the Louvre.

The second Parisian Photo moment that you have to hit (besides the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe) is Pont Alexandre III, which is the bridge that spans the Seine. It’s said to be the most  ornate and beautiful bridge in the city and with just one look you can defiantly see why!

There you have it! How to do Paris like a local. Do you have any recommendations? Let me know below!


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Paris: Do it Like The Locals

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