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5 Tips for a Sophisticated Playroom

The playroom (whether it’s part of their bedroom or a separate space) can present one of the biggest design challenges to households with kids: how do you keep a space looking organized and sophisticated while remaining fun and filled with all of the toys, crayons, dolls, and gadgets they love? Here are five tips on how to design a beautiful space for play that your kids will love too.


1. Gender-Neutral Furniture

Here’s the reality check. While bright pinks, blues, greens, and yellows are fun and exciting, children grow out of things very quickly. They’ll be out of gendered colors before you know it (and who says blue is for boys and pink is for girls anyway?), and although lime green may be their favorite color this week, it doesn’t mean that has to be the sofa color. In general, soft, neutral hues are the best for kids room. It allows the room to organically grow with your kids as they grow from toddler to child to teen. What furniture should every playroom have? A comfy sofa or lounge chair is a must as it’s a great place to sit and read a book together…or you might just need a place to sit and take a breather while they play! Rugs, storage, and  tables are also great additions we’ll discuss in the following tips. Remember to select furniture with fabrics and finishes that are resistant to spills and stains. (The tips in our article about pet-friendly furniture also apply to designing with kids in mind).

2. Temporary Color and Pattern

While we suggest neutral furniture and walls, that doesn’t mean that we discourage fun colors and pattern! The key is to keep colors in accent and decorative pieces (or in this case, maybe in the toys!). One of our go-to tips for transitional spaces like a playroom is to use temporary wallpaper. This way you can choose your favorite colors and patterns, and you can change it as time progresses and your kids grow up (without having to do a total redesign!).


3. Chic Organization

The most important tip for keeping a beautiful playroom is to choose storage options that are elegant and sophisticated. We have a beautiful selection over at KKH, and with these pieces, you can have all of the toys and supplies you need, but there’s never a mess for playdates or for when guests come over. These pieces can be used to store toys now, and games and blankets and even clothes as your kids grow. Some even come with attachments that act as changing tables for if your kids are younger. And if you’re looking for extra storage space, try a storage ottoman or bench as a double-duty option.

4. Open Space + A Lush Rug

We encourage for the playroom to be kept open and to let your little ones use their imagination to fill the space by moving toys around or building a pillow fort. Having an open space also prevents accidents with sharp corners! One great way to encourage an open space to play on is by including a rug that is super soft underfoot. My daughter Maya has this oversized fur rug in her playroom that she just loves to roll around on!

5. A Creative Play Station

Shop our kids tables and chairs to create a location in the playroom for specific activities, like arts and crafts or a midday snack. Creating stations for specific activities keep toys and other supplies neat and keep messes to a minimum. If that isn’t an argument enough, just look at these adorable play chairs with animal ears!


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