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TRAVEL 2 years ago

6 Places to Visit in Tulum

As per all of your requests, here is my a post on the 6 places you have to visit in Tulum! I tried to go to as many places in Tulum as I could, even though our schedule was revolved around Chloe’s nap schedule. Chloe was so excited to be in Tulum that often times she wouldn’t take her naps, so luckily we were able to discover a lot of places in a short five days. Tulum is filled with amazing restaurants and shopping so it’s hard to go wrong. There were a few places that stood out to me on my Tulum trip and today I’ll be sharing the 6 places you can’t leave Tulum without visiting!

1. Tulum Ruins.

The girls took a day trip to the Tulum ruins while I put Chloe down for a nap one day. The Tulum ruins aren’t too far off and you can get there by taxi or shuttle. There’s a very small entrance fee (be sure to bring exact change) and they also charge for photography. iPhone photos are okay, but a professional DSLR or a video camera would get charged. The Tulum Ruins are beautiful and are very well preserved (according to the girls) and there’s a gorgeous beach that looks just like a Grey Malin print. Be sure to pack your bathing suit when visiting the Tulum ruins because you’ll defiantly want to chill out at this beach after a hot hike through the ruins.

2. Ahua Restaurant.

This was definitely one of my favorite restaurants that I dined at in Tulum. We sat outside on little wooden chairs and had lunch facing the ocean. They made the salsa on the spot and it’s known as the best salsa in Tulum! Their ceviche was incredible and we had coconut drinks with faces on them- life doesn’t get much better than that.

3. Coral Hotel.

I stayed a little bit off the main street of Tulum at the Coral Hotel. I picked the Coral Hotel because it was the most kid-friendly hotel I could find. A lot of the hotels and resorts in Tulum are more for romantic get-aways than a family vacation. For example, the Coqui Coqui hotel had very steep stairs, where Chloe might have fallen. The Coral Hotel is a boutique hotel with not that many rooms. The staff treated us with special attention and they even gave Chloe a cute doll before we left! The beach was right outside our room so every morning after breakfast we would walk to the beach and spend the day there. The rooms were big and it was conveniently located near all the shops and restaurants. Each room also had its own private pool, which was so great for Chloe. While having the ocean is amazing, but sometimes a private pool can be safer and more fun for babies to play in. I would definitely stay here again with Chloe and I recommend this to any family who wants to travel to Tulum!

4. Coqui Coqui Spa

This beautiful spa that you might recognize from this video was such an amazing spot to visit. I got an amazing all natural facial with a beautiful view, and I can’t wait to share more with you about it in another post coming soon!

5. Posada.

This restaurant was right next to the Coral Hotel. One of Allen and I’s biggest regrets was not discovering this restaurant sooner. Posada has THE best pasta that I’ve ever tasted. All of their seafood was super fresh which was great because we learned that Chloe really loves fish! We loved this restaurant so much that one day we came here for lunch and dinner! We’ll definitely be back next year. Posada is also beach front and where Chloe met her friend! As seen here!

6. Hartwood Tulum

This restaurant is a little spot that Allen and I went to for my birthday dinner. You have to make a reservation a few weeks in advance because it gets really busy, but let me tell you, it was totally worth it! We had a beautiful dinner by candlelight under the stars- what better way to celebrate my birthday with my hubby! 

6. Dona Tina

This was one of the best homemade Mexican food that we had. We ordered everything from tostadas to fried egg and everything in between. It was a little abuelita (grandma in Spanish!) that served us and cooked the food as well. While it’s nice and luxurious to go to a fancy beach-front restaurant, there’s nothing quite like experience the culture than a delicious hole in the wall in the town center.

And there you have it, my top six places to visit in Tulum! I hope this post has inspired you all to travel somewhere new this year! Tulum is an eccentric bohemian town that is extremely relaxing and healing at the same time. Not only are the beaches beautiful but there is a wide variety of amazing and healthy food along with green juice and yoga centers on every corner. Think mixing the old with the new, Mexican traditions combined with the new age movement, and tacos with green juice! It’s pretty much paradise! 

Have a great day everyone!


Photography by Karen Rosalie

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