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5 Secrets to a Chic (Yet Kid Friendly) Home

With Chloe growing up so fast, it’s becoming more and more important that my home is kid friendly. I’m so excited that Kathy Kuo is back on the blog to share her 5 Secrets to a Chic (Yet Kid Friendly) Home! If you haven’t seen Kathy’s latest posts, be sure to check them out here and here

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1. Slip Covers

Whether it’s a chic and modern white sofa, white-washed furniture, or bright and airy white walls, there’s something so crisp and pristine about all-white looks. They’re gorgeous, and we love them. But when crayons, Play-Doh, dirt, and tiny fingers full of food enter the equation, things can get a little sticky. One lifesaver is removable slip cover furniture. Slip covers can be put on living room chairs, dining room chairs, and sofas, and they’re easy to remove and wash to give you peace of mind when the inevitable wear and tear happens. Slip covers are also available in several cuts and shapes, so they’re great options even in more modern looks.

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2. Performance Fabric

In a world where babies slobber and sneakers accidentally land on the sofa, it’s imperative to select an upholstery that is resistant to scratching and very easy to clean. If the slip cover tip doesn’t work for what you want, explore our selection of custom upholstery and custom furniture, which include high-quality performance fabrics like Sunbrella and Crypton. These fabrics are stain-resistant and liquids bead right off of the material without soaking through. Not only are these fabrics durable, but they are soft to the touch and look as lovely as linen.

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3. Learn to Love Leather

We love the look of leather. But even better, scratches can usually be buffed out of leather, and spills (much like performance fabric) wipe right off. But the best part is that leather furniture adds an air of luxury to your space and can help your home look more expensive.

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4. Circular or Soft Furniture

Adding circular furniture into your design adds an elegant geometrical element that’ll give your space unexpected depth and style…but it’s also a great move to keep table-height little ones from hitting their heads on sharp furniture corners! If you’re in need of a dining table or coffee table, make sure to take this into consideration before you buy. Even better? Opt for a soft, chic tufted ottoman to use in place of the coffee table.

5. Stylish Storage

One of the easiest ways to make a kid-friendly home more chic and glamorous is to simply keep your space clean. Establish zones for toys and play so that everything is kept in one area. Then, choose stylish storage options like our modern Monroe storage dresser, or these cute wooden storage carts perfect for a nursery.