Outfits 8 years ago

Girls Run the World

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There are some things that will never change, like the morning light and all its glory, and the stillness at the crack of dawn. Just like how I’ll never regret a good morning workout, I’ll never regret waking up crazy early to shoot while the rest of the world is still sleeping. My team and I woke up early to shoot at the Louvre before the Chloe show in this total Chloe look. We wanted to create something grand and epic because this outfit was just that. This Chloe dress had so much movement and flow that we really wanted to show it off not only in photos but also in motion. (Watch the video below!) There are some dresses that when worn can instantly make you feel so much more confident and like a total badass. This Chloe dress with all the metal details was just that. Walking down the Lourve in this dress made me think of Beyonce’s song, Run the World (Girls). Why shouldn’t we equip ourselves with total and complete confidence to even run the world?

I saw this dress on one of the models last season and it was worn much differently. It was styled in more of a casual way with sandals and a bikini … almost like a bikini cover-up, and very glamorous one might I add. Obviously, I wasn’t able to pair it over a bikini top, so I layered a black turtleneck underneath it with a pair of booties to make it more winter appropriate. I can’t tell you guys how much use I got out of this black turtleneck (shop similar here)!

So I’ve got three travel tips here: 1. always travel with a black turtleneck, 2. morning light is the best light and 3. do everything with confidence!

Happy Wednesday!




Photography by Karen Rosalie