Beauty 7 years ago

3 Ways to Prevent Aging

My skin goes through so much wear and tear on the daily (from traveling and just an over all chaotic work schedule) that it’s important to me that I take care of it! Above just having milky smooth skin, I want to maintain a fresh and dewy face for as long as possible. There’s no end all be all answer to anti-aging. There are beauty products you can try of course, but usually it’s doing a multitude of things that make up a youthful and fresh face! Here are 3 ways I’m mindful in regards to treating my face to help prevent my skin from premature wrinkling and aging!

Dab Not Tug

Be gentle on your skin!

After washing your face, you want to be dabbing your towel fingers on your skin instead of tugging or wiping. This is extremely important because tugging or wiping with towel can stretch your skin (creating wrinkles) in the long run. A light dabbing motion will also leave a little bit of moisture on your skin instead of completely drying it out before you start your skincare routine! Growing up, I’ve always watched my mom apply her 3 step Korean skincare routine and so now when I apply my serum and moisturizer I’m also in the habit of dabbing the product into my face. I don’t know if you guys also do this or not, but I find that this gesture is a lot more gentle on your skin!

Facial Massage App

There really is an app for everything!

I recently saw a Korean celebrity use this app and I had to try it out for myself! After dabbing my skin dry, I’ll put on all my moisturizers (a night oil works the best) and turn on this app for a quick 3 minute face massage. This app has 7 different face massages from morning to night, and categories such as anti-aging, regenerating face lift, and eye massage. The ‘Facial Massage App’ will give you instructions on how to massage your face, step by step and area by area! This is definitely one of the best investments I’ve made for my skin and it’s less than 5 dollars! And come on, we all have an extra 3 minutes!

Eye Massage

Healthy eyes are happy eyes!

It’s so easy for me to get lost in emails and there are days where I’d get so immersed in work that I forget to step away from my laptop for breaks. Is anyone else with me on this? But it’s so important to take care of your eyes! It’s very easy to just sit in front of the computer all day, but trust me .. stepping away for even a few minutes will be good for your eyes in the long run. I also like to do an eye massage to release some of the tension in my eyes. When Chloe goes to bed is when I start working, so my eyes end up being very tired late at night! I like to do this eye massage before using my eye masks before sleeping!

And there you have it! My three simple tips for taking care of your skin! Just because you might not have wrinkles now, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your skin now. Remember, starting a good skin care routine can help prevent wrinkles in the long run!


Photography by Karen Rosalie