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Fitness 3 years ago

My Fitness Diary

It seems like the name of the game for this year is fitness! After losing 40 lbs postpartum, I’ve really been trying to keep that weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s definitely not easy trying to fit in working out on top of running my own business and spending time with Chloe, but I think I’ve come to terms that I won’t have a set routine and that’s okay. The beauty of my “routine” is that there isn’t really a routine.

What I have found works for me is killing two birds with one stone, like playing/working out with Chloe. As any new mom it’s important to remember that your priorities have shifted, so don’t kick yourself If time just gets away and you don’t manage to get a workout in. Hope you guys find this video helpful and are able to apply some of these workouts and healthy lifestyle tips.


Photography by Karen Rosalie

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My Fitness Diary

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