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5 Tips to Decorate Your House

I’m not a very festive person at all, but this year I’m trying super hard to make the house as festive as possible because of Chloe! Even though she probably won’t remember, I still want to make this holiday as special as I can because it’s also my first Christmas with her. When it was just Allen and I, we would spend holidays with his parents or mine in the bay, so this is the first year where we bought a tree and decorated our house with all the makings of Christmas. As it was my first time decorating, it was a bit of a challenge to figure out how to fill the house. This post is in partnership with World Market, a brand I love. Thank you for supporting the affiliate posts who make this blog possible and wishing you all a happy holiday! So with out further ado, here are 5 tips from my experience to make decorating a lot easier!

1. Tree

The reason why I prefer getting an all white tree vs a green tree is because getting a frosted tree actually makes it look more full. Decorating a green tree can be difficult because it takes a lot of ornaments and decoration to fill a tree. And trying to make it look picture perfect like a catalog is very hard and can be very expensive. When you’re working with a simple green tree you can see exactly where the bare spaces are, whereas with a white frosted tree they all look cohesive so you don’t need that many ornaments. I decided to stick with ornaments that are similar in color, white and gold (surprise, surprise) mainly because it blends in with the color of the tree to look more wholesome and full. I wanted the tree to have a more childlike story to it instead of the traditional silver ornaments so I used a lot of dolls for the tree. But of course the gold elements bring a more sophisticated touch to the tree, like this gold reindeer!

2. Garlands

Bring the outdoors in with fresh garland! I love having this minty smell in my house, and it’s actually a great tip for people who have smaller spaces and can’t fit a tree into your living space. I draped this garland over my dining room counter and added in mistletoe to add a festive feel to a house. Garlands are very versatile whether fresh or faux, in that you can have fun with them and drape it anywhere. I even added some over my fireplace!

3. Candles

Candles are one of the best ways to add ambiance to a room. I love gathering a large amount of candles and clustering them together, it makes a space feel more cozy and warm. Recently, I’ve been buying unscented candles of different sizes and heights to recreate the fire in my fireplace. Although I do have a fireplace it’s not usable but adding candles gives it the same feel! I like to spend a little more money on faux candles (battery lit but they look like real candles) because 1. safety, I can’t just have a candle lying on the floor especially with Chloe crawling everywhere (and almost walking!) and 2. they last a lifetime! It’s a win-win!

4. Fur Textures

Can’t have a cozy and warm holiday without a fur blanket or rug right? I’m in love with this fur blanket that I got from Cost Plus World Market. It’s super thick and cozy and I love that it’s two toned. I can just drape this blanket in front of the fireplace or the tree to add texture anywhere I want! And I feel better about having Chloe sitting on this blanket instead of on the floor!

5. Details

Can’t forget about the details when you’re decorating! It’s the little details that make up a whole, so this year I really tried to get a lot of small things that add festivity to the house, like this gold themed potpourri or this monogram mug! I also got thick white stockings for me Allen and Chloe to hang over the fireplace. It’s so sweet to see the three of them hanging waiting to get filled with presents!

As the countdown begins for Christmas I’m getting more and more excited. Not to mention Chloe is about to walk soon and that will just be the most perfect present. (Follow along on snapchat @chrisellelim!)



Photography by Karen Rosalie