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Outfits 3 years ago

Wearing White On Labor Day

Can’t believe the long Labor Day weekend is almost over! So far, I’ve just spent it with the family! Yesterday, we took Chloe to the aquarium. Catch it on snapchat! (@chrisellelim) As I’m writing this, I’m also prepping for Fashion Week in New York, I’ve been really busy with my team putting together fun looks for New York and Paris.

Fashion is all about taking risks and breaking rules, so when its comes to the rule about ‘no white after Labor Day,’ you can bet I won’t be following it! (But I can definitely wear white ON Labor Day, right?) I think pairing a white tee with distressed denim jeans is one of the most classic looks that is wearable all year round. But this year I’m adding in a little scarf (see my favorite ways to tie a scarf here!) to pull this look together. I think when you’re wearing all white it’s important to balance it out with your accessories. Pairing black accessories with an all white look anchors the outfit and gives it a more edgy vibe. Even though I’m incredibly excited to visit New York with my team this year, as New York is my second home, what I’m really excited about is Paris! Although I’ll be really sad to be apart from Chloe, I really made the effort to treasure this last weekend with her before I take off. It’s not easy balancing mom + work life!

Hope you all have a great Labor Day!


Photography by Karen Rosalie

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Wearing White On Labor Day

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