Outfits 8 years ago

On the Edge of the World

I stood on the edge of the balcony of our hotel (Armeni Villas) for these photos, and it really made me feel like I was at the edge of the world! (Thanks again to Luxe Nomad for the hookup!) I stayed at the Armeni Villas the first week and then the Thireas Hotel after. Both were such amazing locations! I feel so lucky when I get to travel to places like this and experience such incredible beauty. Through traveling, you’re able to not only learn so much about the world and different cultures, but you learn so much about yourself. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks (like changing diapers haha!), but when I travel I’m reminded once again of how small I am and just how big the world is. Of course, there is an element of relaxing and going on adventures, but people often forget that traveling is incredibly humbling experience. So in case I don’t say it enough, let me just tell you guys again how thankful I am to be able to create content for all of you!

The dress I’m wearing is from Chloe, and what really drew me to it was how delicate it looks. You guys might remember me wearing a similar dress when I went to Sunstone Winery for a few days with my team. There’s just something about wearing a barely-there blue lace maxi dress when you’re on vacation that just makes sense. The flowing fabric, the incredible eyelet detail and the plunging neckline gives this dress such an airy and feminine feeling! I know I’ve been channeling cool and effortless vibes when I’m in the city but going on vacation gives me the perfect chance to change up my look!

Wishing you all a great Wednesday, everyone!


Photography and Cinemagraph by Evan Jacksonย 

Edited by Karen Rosalie