Outfits 6 years ago

Chelsea Girl

Even though it’s been amazing to see all my friends in the city, I am ready to be back to Chloe now! And I know LA is probably still in summer mode, but after visiting New York, I’m definitely excited for Fall to start. Saks gave me this suede skirt, which is the perfect nod to Autumn while still being heat-friendly, definitely one of my go-to summer to fall transition pieces! For staple Fall pieces I definitely recommend you guys to check out the new pieces at Saks. I love shopping at Saks because they carry a lot of brands that I love and that’s where I’ll splurge on handbags and shoes. It’s so bad, I know.. but we deserve it!

My favorite fall trend for this season is the Chelsea Girl. She’s the perfect mix of downtown effortless cool while still looking put-together, classic and chic. This suede skirt and camel blazer that Saks sent me is my favorite formula for the Chelsea Girl. I love adding scarfs to tie together my look. Even though I love Los Angeles, when I wore this outfit I felt like I should have been in New York or London!

Though I’m really sad that my time in New York is coming to a close, I’m so SO excited to go home today and see my Chloe Bear! Hope you guys have a great rest of the week!


Photography by Karen Rosalie