Makeup Tips 9 years ago

3 Hair-Styles for Lazy Days

Juggling life as a new mom and creating content for my blog & youtube channel is no joke sometimes! So on the days when I don’t have to get my makeup done for a video or photoshoot, I like to keep my look as low maintenance as possible. The last thing I want to worry about is doing my hair, unless I’m doing a DIY Hair Mask. Whether I’m spending the day with Chloe and Allen, or running around town doing errands, I want something quick and easy to still look polished! So here are my top 3, super easy tips for a lazy, low maintenance hair day!

1. Tie it back

Lately I’ve been tying my hair back every day!

It’s an age old trick for a lazy hair day, but there’s nothing more effortless than a low pony. I love seeing the neckline that a low pony gives you. It’s very feminine and it’s such an easy way to look polished and sexy. Tying my hair back keeps my hair tamed while I’m running errands or taking care of Chloe, all the while looking intentional and effortless!

2. Hats

Hats are one of my favorite tips for a lazy day. As well as being able to pull an outfit together, hats are great for keeping your hair tamed. I also like to wear sunnies and a hat on days when I don’t wear makeup. Hats are also one of my essentials (besides sunscreen) to protecting my skin from blazing LA sun. You guys will never catch me at the beach without a hat!

3. Texture Spray/Dry Shampoo

It’s not good to wash your hair too often so dry shampoo is great for those in-between days. Dry Shampoo not only gives your hair lots of volume, but it can instantly revive it and leave it looking fresh! One of my favorite tricks is to put my hair up into a bun and spray it with texture spray, then let it dry. It gives me really great undone waves, with out having to heat up the curling iron!

And there you have it! Three of my favorite lazy-day hair tips! Do you guys have any lazy day hair tricks you rely on?


Photography by Karen Rosalie