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Outfits 4 years ago

Polka Dotted Tee On A Striped Skirt

Photography by Karen Rosalie

As I get more comfortable with myself through the years I find myself gravitating toward simpler looks and more subtle patterns. For example, I love how effortless and simple this look was to put together. Print on print is often times a challenge but the prints in this outfit work in unison and doesn’t compete with each other. As I have told you guys, the trick to working in multiple prints in one outfit is to have a different scale of prints. This polk-a-dot silky tee is small in print so my skirt can have a bolder and bigger striped print. And since my top is mostly white, it almost acts as a neutral piece. Another tip to start wearing more print-on-print outfits is to stick with classic prints, you can never go wrong with that.

Sometimes I still shy away from wearing body con pieces since I still have a bit of my “mommy tummy”, but this DVF striped skirt somehow hugged my body (and belly) all in the right way. I usually also stick with a looser & flowier pieces on top when wearing fitted bottoms. Not to mention, yes, I’m still wearing my postpartum corset! I wear it through out the day, when I sleep, and when I work out. Whether you just had a baby or not wearing a corset (some people call it waist trainers) under a fitted bottom can do wonders.

I’m challenging you guys to trying mixing prints this week .. fashion is all about playing with different patterns, proportions, and textures!



Top: Equipment

Skirt: Diane von Furstenberg

Bag: Balenciaga

Shoes: Miista

Sunglasses: Tom Ford

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Polka Dotted Tee On A Striped Skirt

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