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Motherhood 4 years ago

My Motherhood Glow

Photography by Karen Rosalie

As you guys might know .. today is Chloe’s 100th day ! I’m so excited to be throwing this celebration for her .. It’s been such an incredible journey watching her grow into this healthy chubby happy baby. Personally for me, I still can’t believe I’m a new mommy now. I’ve had so many initial worries about being a mom.. if I was ready for a baby in my life, how my body would look after, how I’d have a career. But luckily for me motherhood has been amazing so far! I’ve basically lost my baby weight and I’m back in the full swing of work. And Chloe’s sleeping schedule is finally on track! So that means I’m also getting more sleep .. and my skin has never been happier.

I’ve been using Skin Inc for months now, and amongst my beauty products it’s really been the one product that restores all the vitamins and nutrients into my tired sleep deprived skin! My skin has changed so much since my pregnancy because of all the hormonal changes & crazy schedule changes .. but Skin Inc’s customizable serums changes with my skin and keeps it looking constantly fresh and hydrated. (Find out your skin identity here!) & lately I’ve been relying on their Optimizer Voyager to wake my skin up and help it absorb the nutrients in the serums. Not to mention it has anti-aging light therapy that can repair my skin cells and makes my face feel more toned and firmer.. which is a beauty essential nowadays.

I rely on a lot of products & home remedies to achieve almost flawless skin and this year for  Mother’s Day I’ll be giving away this amazing product to you and your mom! To enter follow “iloveskininc” on Instagram and leave a comment on this blogpost! Skin Inc will facilitate notifying winner and delivering the prize! Good luck and happy Mother’s Day to you all!


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