Motherhood 6 years ago

Chloe's 100th Day Celebration (Baek-il 백일)


In Korean culture, the 100th day after a child’s birth is a significant milestone. Unfortunately it was common back in the day for babies to pass away due to sickness and poor living conditions, so the 100th day is celebrated for having survived this difficult period. It’s also a celebration of the parents who survived the first 100 days since it is known to be the most difficult of times (it sure was!). There are many traditional customs that are practiced on this day such as eating red bean cakes for good luck, and of course, to dress the baby in a hanbok (traditional korean gown).

Initially, Chloe’s 100th day celebration was going to be a casual gathering with our immediate family but one thing led to another and it ended up becoming fancier than my wedding itself. haha. Allen and I both have lots of relatives, and once they found out that it was Chloe’s 100th day, we had family members fly in from all across the globe to join us on this day. And since I didn’t do anything for my big 30th (and Allen’s birthday this past week), we decided to go all out and have this be the reason for us to gather our closest friends and family together. As more and more family & friends started to RSVP, I realized I couldn’t plan this on my own, so I decided to call up my girl Shawna Yamomoto (she also worked on my wedding & baby shower) to help me get started. We came up with the concept of 100 Blooms for 100 Days. I immediately fell in love with the idea, and decided to work around that concept. Serendipitously I met talented illustrator and hand letterer, Patricia of Our HeiDay, a few weeks before and she decided to illustrate a few invitations for the event which really set the tone and mood for the event.

Allen and I have realized that as we get older, the harder it is to gather all of our friends and family in one place. I mean how is it possible that all of our closet friends are ALL having babies at the same time? Whether you are traveling nonstop for work, planning a wedding, or building your family…. Life happens and priorities shift. Since we had so many of our busy friends and family members join us to celebrate, we wanted to really pamper them. So we did! I mean… you really can’t beat eating korean food on our yard overlooking Catalina island (not a single cloud in sight!).  Nothing makes me happier than seeing my closest friends and family truly relaxing, and breaking bread with one another. We even got The Nail Truck, literally a mobile nail salon in a truck, to give mani & pedis to our guests.  I mean…. can I have that for my birthday party too one day? haha. And although I’m sure that Chloe won’t remember this special day, it was still worth it. I hope one day she will be able to look back on these photos and we’ll be able to share all the memories that were made on this day. Like how she got so fussy in her traditional korean gown, and was pretty much HANGRY (hungry & angry) the whole time at her party. Hence the reason why there are no smily photos of her from this day!

100 days into this whole mommy thing, I feel like I finally got the hang of it. In all honesty…the first few months were real rough, at times unbearable. The past few months was all about transitioning and adapting in to this new lifestyle, but I’m finally at a place now where I’m truly enjoying motherhood. And although there are still days and nights where I want to pull my hair out… It is true- it does get easier. So I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you for supporting my motherhood journey up until this point. 100 days has been a significant milestone for us, and I wouldn’t have been able to survive the first few months without your support. From all the thoughtful comments and advice from fellow mommies…Thank you! Because I’m feeling 100% on this 100th day. Ok, this is where I stop with the 100 jokes now.


My Dress: Gat Rimon

Chloe’s Dress: Pippa and Julie


Event design & florals- Shawna Yamomoto

Invitations & handwritten font of the “Chloe Victoria” signage: Our HeiDay

Cakes/Cupcakes: MisoBakes

Nail Truck: The Nail Truck

Photography: Jana Williams