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Outfits 4 years ago

Fire & Ice

Photography by Karen Rosalie

This dress physically grew with me…literally. If you guys followed my “Dress The Bump” series you might remember this striped dress. Since i’ve always been a fan of loosely fitted pieces I was able to get away with not buying much maternity wear  (with the exception of maternity pants). Instead of buying something that I could only wear once, I decided to buy pieces that worked I could wear all year around pregnant or not.

 Fast forward 9 months later i’m still in this stretchy striped Joie dress. As much as I love feminine outfits, I’ve been finding myself in more effortless and casual outfits for every day wear. Mainly because i’m always pressed for time, and half the time i’m running around with Chloe in one hand. And how insane cool is this G-star Raw bomber jacket? I immediately fell in love with a all the patches and the silky texture..the perfect lightweight spring outerwear.

Anyways i’ll be heading somewhere very special today with Allen & Chloe, but I can’t reveal where i’ll be spending the weekend. Make sure to follow me on snapchat @chriselleLim to find out where we’ll be!

Happy Friday!

 Outfit Details:

Dress: Joie (on sale!)

Jacket: G-star Raw

Sunglasses: Gentle Monster 

Bag: Balenciaga

Necklace – Jennie Kwon choker & Sincerely So initial necklace

Flats- Miista

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Fire & Ice

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