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Home / Decor 4 years ago

Romantic Date at Home

Since I’m not planning on going out for a Valentines Day dinner, I have to get a little creative this year! You guys might remember my amazingly talented friend Shawna Yamamoto from our DIY Tablescape post…this week I enlisted her to help us create a romantic Valentines Day surprise for the hubs! Sometimes I think less is more, and a simple romantic night of staying in is exactly what we need after nights of staying up with Chloe.

This little arrangement is designed to awaken the senses for the most romantic Valentine’s night as you’ve never experienced before! It’s perfect for cuddling after dinner for a cozy night in, and I’m super excited to try it. Find out what elements are needed to awake you and your loved one’s sense ..

1. Taste

For a light dessert after dinner, we incorporated elements of fruit and chocolate. Aside from the prettiness of colors, this is perfect for feeding each other and really being intimate! Instead of putting flowers into the terrariums, they also make great containers for fruit. Be careful about these fruit choices though because they can be a bit pricey since they’re not in season!

2. Sight

It’s all about mood lighting for this set up. Including long taper candles can make the space feel more sophisticated and romantic. When you’re putting this together, try to use colors that will evoke feelings of warmth! We chose golden toned decor & adding the candles help make the space feel more cozy and intimate.

3. Touch

Instead of sitting at a table this Valentines Day, cozy up with each other on the floor! I love these different patterned pillows to really elevate the space as well as make it super comfortable.

4. Smell

There’s something about having fresh flowers that can really liven up the space. We used  flowers for its deep maroon hues, and the green to complement the red. Don’t forget to apply a spritz of your favorite perfume also!

5. Sound

For me, I think I’ll have to opt out of playing any music in case we wake Chloe up.. But having a little record player or speakers playing soft music is sure to complete the space for a romantic atmosphere.

A big thank you to Shawna Yamamoto for inspiring and helping me put this Valentine’s Day idea together!! Hope you guys enjoyed it! And there you have it, the recipe for the perfect romantic night in. Will you guys be trying this for Valentines Day?

What do YOU think?

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Romantic Date at Home

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