Fashion 6 years ago

First Day Back at Work

When you’re pressed for time & have meetings to get to .. you can’t really go wrong with an effortless white jumpsuit can you?

Lately more than ever, I’ve been really relying on pieces that are effortless and chic. I barely have time to sleep as it is (I have to be on Chloe’s nap-and-wake-up-every-2-hours schedule since I’m breastfeeding her), let alone have to worry about my outfits! & I’m sure my readers that have a busy schedule can relate to the struggles of having to worry about what you’re going to wear tomorrow when your schedule is jam-packed! If you guys follow me on snapchat (@chrisellelim), you’d know that I’ve mostly been at home with Chloe for the past month. Aside from writing these posts, I haven’t really been too focused on work. But last week I was able to step out with my team and attend some events! But I can’t be out of the house for too long just yet since I’m still nursing Chloe, and not to mention I get so anxious when I’m separated from her. So yes.. definitely more than ever I’m relying on effortless and chic one pieces to get me out of the house quickly & back.

You guys know I’m a fan of white one-pieces already, but this Iro one piece especially has been a great addition to my postpartum closet. I adore how this jumpsuit actually looks more like a well matched shirt and trousers because of the faux fly and layered waistband. It’s incredibly airy and I love how loose fitting the sleeves are.

Anyways i’ve been getting alot of comments on my “new look”, and a few people have mentioned how I look younger and healthier. I’ve been lucky enough to have my mom stay with me for the past month to help me recover, and I  honestly think this “new look” is from her feeding me so much food! My cheeks are chubbier and my face looks fuller! I’ve also been doing a DIY korean face mask that I learned from my mom..would you guys like to see a post on that?

Wishing every one a great week! Happy Monday!

Photography by Karen Rosalie

Jumpsuit :Iro

Shoes: BCBG MaxAzria

Bag: Derek Lam 10 Crosby 

​Choker Necklace: Jennie Kwon