LIFESTYLE 7 years ago

Holiday Gift Guide // For Mom

1. Alphabet necklace

2. Flower Bomb Fragrance

3. Ombre Stackable Rings

4. Lace Trimmed Silk Robe

5. Tote bag

6. Leather Strap Watch 

7. Voluspa Candle

8. Body Glow II

9. Clarisonic Skincare Brush Kit

10. Sunday Suppers (Recipe Book)

11. Advance Time Zone Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Eye Cream

12. Appetizer plates set

13. Jo Malone Cologne Collection

14. Almond Coconut Milk Bath & Body Luxe Set

I love my mom to death but the tricky thing about shopping for her is that she never really wants anything! Her gift wishes are always usually something abstract like, for Allen and I to be happy & healthy. (I think this year it’s for Chloe & I to be healthy.) So usually what ends up happening is I default to getting my mom the latest beauty product or classic accessories. Can’t go wrong with an elegant bottle of Estee Lauder night cream or a beautiful bag! Is there a particular gift you guys got your mom that meant a lot to her? Share with me in the comments!