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Outfits 5 years ago

Me Time, You Time

The last time I relaxed in a hammock was… in the Maldives! Thinking about that trip feels like ages ago now. Once we landed, Allen and I came back full steam into our work. We’ve also been busy planning for the baby girl… and my baby shower is in two weeks eek! But looking at these photos makes me want to install a backyard hammock and tune out from the world to get started on my increasing stack of baby books. (Why is it that the more you want to learn, the more you realize you have to learn?) Not to mention I just picked up another project…. renovating our backyard! (perfect timing given that I only have 2 months left, right?? agh!)

Photography by Karen Rosalie
As most nights hits 50 degrees as of late, it’s time to pack away my shorts and throw a coat over my off shoulder tops. But while I’m lounging at home I still prefer lightweight and airy tops. When fringe is done right, it can look so feminine and clean like this top here. Especially when I’m just lounging, I don’t want to be weighed down by heavy knits just yet .. is it just me or do you guys also crank up the heater around this time?
Over Halloween weekend, I just stayed home with Allen passing out Halloween candy like an old married couple. It’s kind of crazy to think that in a few months we will have a baby and our quiet days will be turned upside down. I’m looking forward to it, but also really thankful for this prep time I get to prepare myself. Excited for these next three months of me time .. because things are going to change soon!
Fringe Top: Voom By Joy Han  (also in love with this top HERE on sale!)
Shorts: Bobi
Necklace: Kelly Wearstler
Sandals: Issac Mizrahi

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