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5 Tips to Recover from Jet Lag

Hi loves,

Jet lag has been something I’ve struggled with as I travel constantly back and forth to New York, Asia, and Europe for fashion week and business meetings, but over the years I’ve discovered some tricks that help me recover faster from jet lag. Here are my 5 Tips to Recover from Jet Lag.

1. Start fighting jetlag ON the plane

I start fighting jet lag immediately when I get on the plane. If I know I will be arriving to LA during the day, I’ll sleep on the plane to get rest for the day. Vice versa, if I’m arriving to LA at night, then no matter how tired I am on the plane I’ll stay awake so I can sleep when I get home. That way, you’re already programming your body while you’re traveling home to get back on track.

2. Taking a hot bath before you sleep

My muscles can get sore from sitting on long plane rides so when I get home, I like to take a long hot bath to wind down mentally and to relax my muscles. By the time I get out of the bath I’m so relaxed and warm that I’m ready for bed!

3. Spend time out doors 

When I come back from Paris I can stay jet lagged for days because of the different time zones. Last summer I found out that spending time outdoors can help me recover from jet lag quicker. The sun helps my body re-adjust to the current time zone.

4. Don’t take naps

It’s very tempting to take naps to get a bit of rest but that only prolongs your jet lag. I try not to take naps so I can train my body to get back on my normal sleeping schedule. It’s hard to not take naps but trust me, it’s better in the long run to help your body re-adjust!

5. Ginger tea 

As I mentioned earlier, I like to drink ginger tea while I’m traveling.  Traveling can take a toll on your body so I think it’s important to take care of your body especially when you’re traveling. Ginger tea is not only amazing in promoting body wellness but also for reliving muscle soreness, colds, and jet lag!

And there you have it, my top 5 secret tips on recovering from jet lag! Do you guys have any tips that I missed? Please let me know in the comments!


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