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LIFESTYLE 6 years ago

{Wedding} Bridesmaids Gifts


If you are  a bride getting married soon, I’m sure you are overwhelmed with lots of planning & appointments. Trust me, I still remember the preparation of my wedding since it was just last year, (see it here & here) So I thought it would ease your stress if I helped  you check one thing off of your list…bridesmaids gifts! This is such an important thing to remember for your wedding, because this is a way to show your appreciation to your closest girls that have been with you through this entire process and for some of you, through your entire life! A special gift like this is a great time to personalize it and make it unique to what they love & appreciate. Whether its a monogramed piece of jewelry like I got my girls (here) , or even just something they’ve been eyeing for a while.

No matter the cost or what you decide on choosing, just make sure you give it with love.

|1.Urban outfitters Macaron Boxes|2.Urban Outfitters Diament Jewlery For Urban Renewal Love Bracelet|3.Anthropologie Capri Blue Mercury  Glass Jar candle|4.Dogeared From A to Z Initial Pendant Necklace|5.Jo Malone Sugar & Spice Cologne|6. Anthropologie Pebbled Metallic Pouches|7.Gabriela Artgas Double Diamond Ring|8.Topshop premium Cats-eye Rhinestone Square Earrings|

If you want to see what I did to prep for my wedding last year, from choosing my dress, to the reception make sure to watch it all on my channel here!

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{Wedding} Bridesmaids Gifts

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