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Outfits 5 years ago

{Sleek & Strong} CropTop + Trousers


I think it’s fair enough to say that the crop top  has not only made a come back, but it  has also grown up! I styled my crop with a pair of high waisted trousers, for a more polished  look.

I’ve always had a more feminine & girly aesthetic, but ive been playing around with the concept of a more sleek & minimalistic look Although we work out of an office here with the Chriselle INC. team,  there are rarely any moments to rock a sleek power suit. And  after months of wearing flowy dresses, all of a sudden I  have the urge to wear pencil skirts & trousers!

Photography by Jana From Alabama

Hope everyone has a beautiful day, thank you for stopping by!


|TOP| Topshop

|TROUSERS| H&M (similar one HERE)

|PURSE| Jimmy Choo

|SHOES| Zara



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{Sleek & Strong} CropTop + Trousers

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