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Fashion 5 years ago

New York recap

(L) Enjoying the beautiful view the first night I arrived in New York.

(R) Early morning eating a  tasty breakfast before a busy day.

(L) Champagne & pearls display at Tiffany’s.

(R) Blue bags with the lovely jewels I picked out for the Gala.

(L) Wearing a lovely dress from Joy Cioci for breakfast at Tiffany’s

(R) The dress matched perfectly with my favorite sea creature inspired piece I found earlier.

(L) Found more amazing pieces from Joy Cioci when I arrived back to my room.

(R) Took a midday run with Jana…I try to fit in a work out even when I am traveling!

(L) The big blue box taking over Rockefeller Center in preparation for the gala.

(R) In the elevator filming before heading out the Great Gatsby party.

(L) Ran into  the well dressed Adam Gallagher at the party!

(R) Blinged out in some of the Jewels I picked out earlier.

(L) Outfit of the night at the party.

(R) Meeting Baz Luhrmann the Director of The Great Gatsby, definitely a highlight of the night.

(L) Breathtaking view from my room.

(R) Starting my day with a healthy breakfast.

(L) Did a little filming in lace & diamonds

(R) Loved the beautiful 20’s inspired invitation for the Blue book Gala

(L) All white everything on the streets of NY

(R) Choices, choices… picking out my outfit for the night.

(L) Close ups of the beautiful yellow diamonds I wore that night

(R) My outfit for the gala. Thanks for helping me choose this dress!

(L) On my way into the event! So excited to finally be there!

(R) No party is complete without sweets… they definitely had that covered!

(L) Loved my beautiful Tiffany blue manicure by Essie

(R) And my lovely 20’s up-do  that went perfectly with the theme of the night thanks to Garnier.

I’ll be posting more photos from my time in New York so stay tuned. You can find Day 1 here.

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New York recap

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