Series 10 years ago

Vday with Chriselle

I recently posted a Valentine’s Gift Giving video and D.I.Y video . I asked all of you to share your creations with me by hash-tagging #vdaywithchriselle.   I was overwhelmed with excitement when I scrolled through all of your photos and saw how amazing they all came out!

Thank you all for sharing your photos with me! I love how all of you got creative and changed up the D.I.Y by making it your own! I think I even like them better than what I made! I can really see how much love and thought you put into each of your jewelry holders, love jars and mugs! You’ve all really inspired me to get more creative and think up more D.I.Y videos to share with all of you!

I hope these  brought joy to you and your loved ones… because it certainly brought a huge smile to my face!