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Time for some Gift Giving Ideas!

There are a few things that I simply NEVER walk out of the house without – 1. a stackful of arm candy and 2. a watch! Though watches are practical & useful…I have to admit there are times when I wear one simply for the sake of how amazing it looks mixed up with my other jewels.

I’ve always found myself gravitating towards more “practical” pieces to gift my friends & family for the holiday! Mainly because I want them to put their gifts to use…nothing worse than gifting something they will never use…right?

That’s why I used the Timex Gift Finder website to find practical, fashionable and affordable gift ideas. The Gift Finder did my holiday shopping for me – it’s an easy process that will match the perfect Timex watch to the different personalities of people in your life, based on fun questions about them! As a bonus, you’ll receive a coupon for $10 off the purchase of two watches at Walmart or Target.

And as you see here, you can choose two friends to gift from Facebook or enter their names in manually.

If you can’t get enough Timex, check out some of their other styles below, like my favorite men’s watches. Timex covers it all from the classic Intelligent Quartz Traveller World Time watch for my dad and hubby to even the trendy Digital Watch for my cousin!

As talked about earlier, watches can act as your most practical accessory! I’m completely obsessed with both the leopard & python print Elevated Classics Dress watch. It’s the perfect statement piece for my wardrobe. And this classic white Dress Watch is perfect for a classy woman like my mommy!

Hope this post gave you some gift ideas for the upcoming holidays! And remember, if your gift giving/holiday shopping seems a bit daunting and overwhelming… let the Timex Gift Finder do it for you! I will be coming out with more gift giving ideas soon!




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