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LIFESTYLE 6 years ago

WEDDING DAY- The First Look

It seems as if our wedding day flew by within a glimpse of an eye, but there were certain moments that felt like a lifetime. Specifically the moment I was eagerly waiting, in the back of the 1962  Rolls Royce, driving up to finally see him. Though we have only been seperated for 24 hours, it felt more like 24 days. Thru out the day I couldnt help but wonder what he was doing, if he was nervous, and if he was thinking of me.

As we finally arrived my whole body started  tingling out of excitement & anticipation as I walked up to the location to finally see him.

and there he was in his fitted grey suit. Even with his back towards me instantly my anxiety disappeared ,and immediately I felt calm & secure in his presence.  As I tip toed behind him, I couldn’t help but start giggling  & grinning like a little girl.

And when we came face to face it was very obvious that we were both very anxious, that it surprisingly felt almost awkward. Awkward as if we were on our first date all over again!  But immediately when I heard him say, “Hi, Puppy” (if you havnt seen our WEDDING FINALE  HERE, that is my nickname), unexpected tears started streaming down my face.

He grabbed my hand and whispered “I Love You”

….and it was then we  knew were ready to walk Down The Aisle!




Photography – Jana Williams 

Floral Design- Shawna Yamamoto

Wedding Planner- Details Details 

Papergoods + Rusted Keys- Papermade Design 

Location- Greystone Mansion


Dress- Custom made by R-mine Bridal 

Brooch & Earrings- custom made by R-mine Bridal (Swarovski)

Shoes- Gucci 

Jewelry- Charriol 

Hair & Makeup- Yuri Sinata

Makeup used- Maybelline 

Nails- Essie (cloud nine)


Suit- Banana Republic

Tie- Michael Kors

Shoes- John Varvatos

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WEDDING DAY- The First Look

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