My Life In My Purse

A carry my life around with me in my purse, anyone else do this too??? I thought it would be cute it I shared with you 4 different ways how to wear your purse so you NEVER have to dump your junk out to change purses!! And believe or not there are strategic ways to […]

Traveling Wardrobe- REPEAT & ROTATE

So the past couple of months i’ve been traveling nonstop which has inspired me to create this tutorial! I always have to check myself before {I wreck myself}I start packing my entire wardrobe with me!  Recently I was in Asia for 2 weeks and I put myself to the challenge to bring less than 20 […]

A Perfectly Pink Peepshow

First off I apologize for the lack of’s been…well….crazy would be an understatement. And the past couple of days has been a tumble of madness with endless amounts of work. Although I love my work I feel like a well-deserved break is appropriate right about now. From styling the former president of Mexico Vicente […]

Leopard on Leopard

As soon as I decided to retire my leopard coat for the season I spied, I eyed, and I Buyed these Leopard loafers (Steven by Steve Madden) this past weekend. They are THE perfect accent to any simple outfit. On my last post I talked about my obsession with colored pants and now im completely […]