A N O 2 0 1 0

So here it is the much anticipated official video for AUDREYS NIGHT OUT 2010 for Audrey Magazine. Twas a Night To Remember and an event that got people talking for days! Eyecandy, Alcohol, models, fashion, Music, alcohol , models, celebrities…did I mention models & alcohol already? Watch this video and you will understand why you wont want to miss next years event!

Event Produced by us Chriselle INC. Event styling by us Chriselle INC. Videography/Director- David Gallardo Photography- Karla Ticas Art Director/Make up- Leibi Carias Art Director/Hair- Sienree Models- Wunder Model Management

Big Thanks to our team that made this event possible: Christina Ghadanian, Patricia Flores, Lauren Fong,Tala Bahktar, Analiese, katherine Munoz, Janice Jann, Leley Chian, Anson Ho (arowana films), Daniel Gradilla, Darrin Nim, Danny Buonsanto, Robert Mchugh, Jessica Herrera, Maria Laxamana, jasmin Mejia, Alika, Eugene Choi, Mike E, Tiana, Christian, Therese, Stephanie A, Flora Wade, KC Witkamp, Cynthia Ventura, Jessica Yu, Carol J, Danny Villa, Jack Jones, Jaime Villa, Saulo Soloranzo, Andrew Yeater, and of course all of our amazing dressers andvolunteers! “A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind” Xx Chriselle

Twas a Night To Remember

And a goregeous crowd it was, the Whos who of the asian community from models, celebrities, designers, and artists..mix that with unlimited vodka? Ill let you use your imagination from there…. The models worked the runway in talented asian american designers such as Yumi Kim, Jenny Han, CC couture, Disaya, Mik Imik, Fleurt Lingerie, Mimi Kim jewelry, and Jellypop shoes! The models were provided to us by Wunder Model Management as well as some close personal model friends of mine. We had SERIOUSLY , a seriously talented band perform their hit “Immaculate addiction” this song was a serious hit to the models, such a perfect song to walk and strut to! Paperdoll also flew from New York to perform their 2 hit songs before heading out to China for their 2nd tour in Asia. We also had IVY LEAGUE and BOXCUTTAHZ ….the finalist from Americas Best Dance Crew work their moves, and of course Amy and Minh from HM SOUNDSYSTEM to get us groovin and play those feel good jamz to start and end our night. Justin Chon from Twilight definately topped off our night with his unexpected nipple tassles and cut off shorts that I think possibly might’ve stolen from a strippers closet? Endless laughs while he worked it and hosted our celebrity walk which included Allen Evangelista from Secret Life, Kavi Ladnier from Heroes, Sheetal Sheth from The Toruble with Romance, Lynn chen from The People I’ve slept with, Karin Anna Cheung from The People I’ve Slept With, Soo Yeon Lee from Entourage, and CS Lee from Dexter. Major Starspotting from Emmy winner Ashley Jones from The Bold & the Beautiful, artist David Choe, Amy Hill, Jason Wahler from “The Hills”, and the list goes on. Bloggers & Youtubers from Michelle Phan, Style with Benefits and Wrecked Steller , My Ninja!, Angery Asian Man, etc. And of course 1300+ gorgeous people mingling and dancing the night away with unlmited Vodka (sponsored by Ketel One) was flowing..maybe flowing a bit too fast? Twas a Night to remember…until next time, next year. Xx Chriselle