Random Snippets

The Glitter Guide came over  the other week to capture some  Random Snippets of my life- 1. My passed down Hermes -love pieces that have had a history // 2. Im an avid sunglass collector. I’ve had lots of luck when it comes to finding designer vintage goods. My favorite find so far are these […]

Live By The Currents, Plan By The Tides

Aloha from the beautiful island of Oahu! I’m learning to love that feeling of having all the time in the world…. Nothing can compare to the feeling of toes in the sand with the intoxicating lure of the ocean. Yesterday we lounged around on our private beach at our resort then headed out to a […]

The Calm Before The Storm

Soaking up the sun and enjoying every last moment of the Summer we have. Relaxing today before taking off to New York tomorrow….getting my mind & body ready for the madness. It’s going to be one big whirlwand! Lets call this the Calm Before The Storm…The Fashion Storm! HAPPY LABOR DAY! What are you guys […]

Shimmer & Charisma

Goodmorning darlins! Perhaps may have indulged in a little too much chocolate  & macaroons this weekend with one of my best friends in town from NY. Spent most of the weekend in good company  enjoying the golden sunset with a glass of wine. Although I have failed to find that utterly perfect white dress this […]