Candid Coachella Moments- Diary

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In Ode to the 4th….

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WARNING: XXX Major (Shoe) Porn

Here is one thing i LOVE about my job…when Christian Louboutin sends me their latest and greatest pieces of their collection. no doubt, I LOVE my job but there are some parts that are just not too glamorous….but recieving my loubloubs makes everything all worth it!

Not only are these $4000 Spiked louboutins made to walk in but also for your protection. Who needs pepperspray? just bust out your spiked loubs…your bound to hurt and kill someone with these babies.

These heels are made for walkin, rockin, and sockin.




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I Dare to dream

and one one day I will be just like you and not only wear a WATERMELON on my head but a whole FRUIT BASKET!! Take that!



Event Production to Styling and Everything in Between

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There were thousands of people waiting in line at the buttcrack of dawn from 4 am to get into the grand opening of the largest Forever 21 by far, 11,000 sq. ft! People brought their camping tents, sleeping bags to stand in line, these are some committed shoppers! We had to deliver and make sure we threw the best Grand Opening yet, and YES we did! Needless to say it was an amazing event with the most amazing and upbeat models with the help of our DJ spinning electro mixes to keep us moving and going!

Chriselle Inc. we specialize in branding , lookbook and fashion campaign production but we are also known for our Fashion Event coordination and marketing . We provide a complete production service from creating the initial conception to budget development. We also offer our clients in house styling by fashion wardrobe stylist Chriselle, model castings as well as coordination of make up and hair, location scouting, theme development, and art direction.

We have been coordinating and working with Forever 21′s  marketing team to develop the most effective and visually stimulating Grand Openings.

Watch out for our next grand opening for NORDSTROMS next week!!

Thank you to LA models, Models InternationalOtto Models, and Wilhelmina models and of course our make up and hair glam squad and of course my assistants.



Oh Alex, you did it again.

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 Have you ever woken up and just stared at your closet not knowing what to wear? YES, even me as a stylist, just dont have the patience to dress myself every morning from head to toe in glitz and glam. My job requires me to make other people look and feel fabulous and sometimes i forget about myself, or catch myself in those “repeat” outfits. Well ladies, when all else fails just have a pair of FABULOUS shoes and it will make a dull outfit look simply AHHH-MAZING!


Here it is Alexander Wang’s FALL 2010 shoe collection. Alexander Wang’s Freja booties has been one of the most knocked off shoes this past season. I personally think this season is way better than the last, more variation, more heels, more shapes and different uses of textures. Pair these with any simple outfit, and it makes an outfit so bold and loud for you to make an entrance from miles away.


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Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

Creating beautiful and stimulating images and events is my expertise and passion

This is me.. fashion model turned stylist turned entrepreneur. 

I have goals and I have dreams but is it ok to say that I am now living my dreams?




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