Happy 100th!!!!

HAPPY 100th video to us!!!! In celebration we created this video inspired by my favorite desserts!!! I can proudly say that this is by far one of my fave videos up to date!!

Although this video may look real sweet, this is what I was actually doing on set…….

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pale pink + winter greys

Photography by Jana Wailliams

{Blackbird Betty blazer, Aveleka shorts, H&M scarf, Jimmy Choo shoes, Beso Beso Jewels, Coach purse}

So here in LA we are experiencing a little mix of winter and spring together… regardless i’m so excited that I was able to wear my shorts today! Early afternoon sunlight and  the golden rays have reminded me that spring is just around the corner and I can hardly wait (it’s my favorite season!). As you guys know i’m absurdly in love with spring’s soft yet vibrant hues! I guess we are already welcoming the change from the winter greys to spring pastels. Lots of exciting projects that are brewing in the mix right now…something especially special coming up for my readers & viewers in the beginning of february! Will keep you posted! Hope you  have a lovely day!



Take Me Back To The Days I’ve Never Lived

It’s amazing how a vase of fresh roses can lift up any girls spirits instantly…the same can do with this perfectly tailored little white dress. Another closet MUST HAVE for this spring is a perfectly fitted LWD (Little White Dress). Most of my inspiration comes from past decades especially the 1950s…The cinched in waist line, full skirt, and cat eye frames. Oh what I would do for a time machine to Take Me Back To The Days I’ve Never Lived but am living right now.



Eat What You Wear, Wear What You Eat

Not sure if my love of these bright colored blazers come from my lovely little obssession of french macaroons…but if so i’ll blame it on my beau. When we first started dating I would come home to a lovely box of freshly baked macaroons on a weekly basis..(sadly yes..2 years into the relationship..macaroon visits went from weekly to monthly to now bi monthly..Le Sigh, but i still love u boo!). So here is one thing Olivia Palermo and I have in common….NEUTRALS. This past fall/winter all i wore were neutral and muted colors but hey as seasons change so do we. As much as I still love my neutral pieces I have finally decided its about time to add a pop of color! Sooooo my lovely darlins’ lets Spring into Spring with a box of macaroons and a bright blazer!  They say, “You are what you eat” but in my case its “Eat What you Wear, Wear What You Eat” (RULE OF THUMB: Love Olivia’s pop of orange on her heels but beware when trying to mimic this look do NOT match the exact same color shade  of your blazer to your shoes..it will look WAY too thought out and “Matchy matchy.” You still want to look effortless like Olivia does here. So make sure the colors are a little off …brighter orange on top…lighter orange/yellow on the shoes. )




Spring is just around the corner..u know what that means?? a new fashion season and a new wardrobe! What I love about fashion is that it NEVER stays the same, it is constantly changing and constantly evolving! This past weekend Michelle Phan and I had a photoshoot and we got to play a little dress up to showcase the 2 MAJOR trends that will be apparently taking place this Spring 2011!!

COLOR BLOCKING- yes! Not only is color back but the richest of rich colors were seen all over the runway. From Gucci (shown above) to Miu Miu to Proenza Schouler! Michelle loves her BLACK and I love my NUDES, so we decided to have some fun with this new trend and add some bright bold color to one of our looks!

NEUTRAL NUDES & CRISP WHITES- Thank God that neutrals and whites are still in this season. I cannot get enough of these dreamy looks from the Chloe runway. Invest into a flowy full skirt and sleek white/creme  blazers for this spring! Above Michelle is wearing the daintiest little white dress and Im wearing a sleek fitted blazer with high waisted trousers (which is also a must for this season!!)

How can two completely contrasting looks be on the same map at the same time during the same season? Fashion is like a box of chocolate..you never know what your gonna get ;)



P.S  Photos of our shoot will be coming out soon! We cant wait to share all the fun we had together!!