Special Food For The Skin To Eat

As most of you guys know I live with a food enthusiest (my sister Eye It Try It), and I am engaged to a man who believes that in another lifetime he was or should be the asian Anthony Bourdain of the Food Network…so by default (not by choice) im ALWAYS eating!!

So last night I had Sake, Coffee, AND rice for dinner (literally and not so literally..you will find out)

So when I recieved this package in the mail today… I was excited beacuse I knew it had to be some real legit food if they’ve been around since 1957! Dont mind the fact that it says SKIN in all caps.. all I saw was “Food…since 1957″.

And to my surprise…it was all along a skincare line called “Skin Food.” ¬†Cute & catchy name right?

From their Coffee Body Scrub, to their Rice Mask Wash Off, to their Black Sugar Mask Wash off…..how awwwwwe-dorable are these names. Names so good that it gets your stomache growling & thinkin of whats for dinner already.

and I kid you not they smell as good as they sound and look. I know they said its not edible..but I beg to differ! Its too good to be true!

Im not a fan of drinking sake but i might have to think twice about this Peach Sake emulsion for the skin. I love their saying , “Special food for the skin to eat.” and yes…

So yes last night I had sake, coffee, and rice for dinner! Well what I REALLY meant to say was…..my SKIN had sake, coffee, and rice for dinner. ;)

At this moment I can feel my skin eating away all that peach Sake. Layering all these products on my face Im sure I will have dreams of Peaches, rice, and coffee tonight.

So on the topic of food…..If there was one type of food that best describes you what would it be?

I would be a tangerine- im sweet but sometimes sour and im hard to peel but once you get to the core im a softie on the inside ;)



p.s Thank you Mina for sending me this lovely package xoxo