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Florals on 2 of my fave blogger girlfriends- Sincerely Jules (top) and Song Of Style (last) . and of course my style icon Olivia Palermo killin it (as usual)


Shapes For All Season

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Last Fall/Winter I wore these round shades everyday  and today im loving the extreme cat eyes. Between Audrey Hepburn and her slightly cat eye sunglassses in  Breakfast at Tiffanys and Jackie O’s infamous oversized round shades…fashion always has a point to repeat itself.

Round glasses are vintage inspired and can be quirky & fun! Not sure about wearing  them to The Met but The Olsen twins clearly loves their round shades.

Im currently obsessing over my cat eye frames from House Of Harlow…they are uber glam & uber chic! The cat eye trend is totally reminiscent of the 1950s and early 60′s.

What do you guys think?  Do you prefer Round or Cat Eye? Would love to know!



Eat What You Wear, Wear What You Eat

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Not sure if my love of these bright colored blazers come from my lovely little obssession of french macaroons…but if so i’ll blame it on my beau. When we first started dating I would come home to a lovely box of freshly baked macaroons on a weekly basis..(sadly yes..2 years into the relationship..macaroon visits went from weekly to monthly to now bi monthly..Le Sigh, but i still love u boo!).

So here is one thing Olivia Palermo and I have in common….NEUTRALS. This past fall/winter all i wore were neutral and muted colors but hey as seasons change so do we. As much as I still love my neutral pieces I have finally decided its about time to add a pop of color! Sooooo my lovely darlins’ lets Spring into Spring with a box of macaroons and a bright blazer!  They say, “You are what you eat” but in my case its “Eat What you Wear, Wear What You Eat

(RULE OF THUMB: Love Olivia’s pop of orange on her heels but beware when trying to mimic this look do NOT match the exact same color shade  of your blazer to your shoes..it will look WAY too thought out and “Matchy matchy.” You still want to look effortless like Olivia does here. So make sure the colors are a little off …brighter orange on top…lighter orange/yellow on the shoes. )



ASK CHRISELLE: From 5″3 to 6″3

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Q: Chriselle, it’s easy for you to look good in outfits because you are so tall, but how about us short girls? How can we appear taller and leaner?

Where are my short sassy sistas at??? I’ll tell you this much…almost ALL of my fashion icons are all under 5″3 and they appear to be 6 ft tall!! Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo being my top 2!

Here are some real quick and easy steps you need to think about every morning before you dress yourself!

1. WEAR MONOCHROMATIC COLORS- it helps create one long vertical line, and this works THE best with darker colors such as navy or black.

2. AVOID HORIZONTAL LINES & GO FOR VERTICAL LINES- horizontal stripes will shorten you versus Vertical lines will lengthen you. Whether they are vertical lines in print, or seam lines, stripes or trims their eyes are going to be going up and down which is VERY slimming. Anything that has a horizontal stripe such as nautical shirts with printed horizontal stripes, chokers, or ankle straps…will shorten you. Also stay away from checkered of plaid. Here Olivia Palermo is wearing a deep V neck blouse which creates a vertical line drawing attention to her face. The blouse also has a vertical scarf hanging down which enlongates her toros.

If you are wondering which pants elongates your legs the most! NOPE they are not short shorts! But its is high waisted wide lge trousers. Here Olivia Palermo wears these trousers and you can see the seems and the vertical creases which really elongates her legs! (im quite obssessed with high waisted trousers myself!)

3. ADD BLACK TIGHTS- Black booties can easily cut off and shorten the length of your leg since it stops at the ankle. When wearing black booties try adding a pair of black tights underneath so it can create a monochromatic look from the start of your leg to the end of your toe instead of getting cut off at the ankle.

Hope this gave all the sassy short sistas some pointers how to look and feel 6 ft tall! There are about 50 different tips and pointers on how to look taller, but these are my top 3! Let me know if this helped…We can possibly do a tutorial on this!

If you have any fashion emergency questions or personal questions…JUST ASK CHRISELLE



Closet Confidential: RUFFLES

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With all of those ruffles on Lanvin, Nina Ricci, Valentino, and Marchesa runway..I am in Ruffle haven. This look was completely inspired by the ruffles in my bathroom shower curtains (yes, I get my inspiration from the strangest places.) As much as I love this top..you dont want to look too frilly and girly, so here is my secret OPPOSITES ATTRACT…Really! When choosing a frilly/girly/dressy top balance it out with a pair of casual bad boy leather leggings and booties. When you dress yourself you always want too look balanced…you never want to look  too over the top girly or beyond boho homeless or  a plucked chicken dressed up  in layers & layers of fur. It’s all about BALANCE!!! Rule of thumb:  Casual top- pair it with dressy bottoms. Dressy top- pair it with casual bottoms…..OPPOSITES ATTRACT. ALWAYS!

Look at Olivia Palermo dressed in marchesa Spring 2011 Ruffles~ but see how she balanced out this over the top friliness with a pair of casual bad boy booties instead of your typical stilettos?



Girl Crush Of The Day

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Here is my confession..as much as I hated her on The City

Olivia Palermo- she is my Girl Crush Of The Day.

She’s feminine, dainty, sophisticated, and minimalistic.

cat eyed frames paired with a neutral scalloped blazer makes me want to cry tears of joy.

so maybe its just a closet crush more than a girl crush?

who cares…same difference.




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