The Ridge

Finally got my copy of Jimon Magazine and it looks damn good!  We took a a weekend trip up to Palm Springs to shoot our editorial The Ridge with David Leslie Anthony (photographer) with Creative 24 agency, Anthony Gordon (makeup) with Next Artists, and Tyler Colton (hair) with Celestine agency. Jimon magazine is a 11X14 large large large print magazine that is distributed in Paris, Belgium, Korea, Tokyo, and several other foreign countries. Jimon magazine is a independent magazine  that is published privately twice a year. Although its a bit pricey of a magazine … it is  a beautiful magazine that is definitely worth each dime! If your in LA  you can find a Jimon at the MOCA museum. If you are in any other country below is a list of  the millions of locations out in Belgium, Korea, and Paris you can pick up your copy!! Spotted at the famous Palais De Tokyo museum in Paris! and so ladies and gents..this is what I live for…. Xx Chriselle

It’s a Wrap!

so yes, i have my life back now! After being in production for 1 full month for Audrey’s Night Out, I can say Its A WRAP! Countless nights of unlimited emails, phone calls, and sleepless nights..i think I lost a total of 10 lbs while I was in production. BUT no worries..i gained it all back within the past 2 days of  sleeping and indulging in rich & delicious food. I even spent 5 hours at the spa yesterday, got a facial, massage, bodyscrub, and mani/pedi. Needless to say this past month has been an amazing month working with Audrey Magazine and crossing paths with some amazing new people. I know I havnt been blogging much, but I have tons and tons of updates from this past month. This week will be about catching yall up, i swear!  I’ll be blogging about all the latest editorials from Serendipity, Jimon Magazine, Penelope & Coco Shoot, Teen Vogue, Fashion week, and of course behind the scenes of Audreys Night Out!! for now heres my latest a & greatest fave editorial… Xx Chriselle