Breakfast At Chriselles

Use your Accessories to Accessorize your home…not only does it give your space more personality BUT its also a good way to compact and save closet space! Your space should be a reflection of your style & personality. Loving this tea set idea…Breakfast at Tiffanys….or shall we say Breakfast at Chriselles? (Images via The Covetur) […]

Welcome Home Darlin’

Why hello… Welcome home Darlin’ In the process of decking out my crib and here are some of my inspiration. Love the cleanliness and vintage inspired pieces. Love mixing vintage with modern pieces gives the space a ton of personality. In the mist of prepping for The Oscars and also styling 6 campaigns in the […]

A Never Ending Journey

I decided around a month ago that I will conquer a side I have never conquered…..and that is to completely redo & design my space. The thought and the idea always seemed amazing…so I would always get started but NEVER finish. But this time around I am sticking around until the job is done! Not […]

Sacred Place

I guess im just over ambitious but at the beginning of a new year I always set a list of 50 goals that I want to reach…and generally I reach about 10 of them. So this year I decided to keep it real simple… 1. Shop with my brain and not by impulse 2. Continue […]