Just Ask Chriselle

So i’ve been running into many repetitive questions from some fellow fashionistas! So I decided to add a section onto my blog where you can ask me any questions! Whether its not knowing what to wear on that special first date, personal questions, how to achieve a certain look, etc…you can ask me ANYTHING! This section will be called “Ask Chriselle” Heres one of the most popular questions that was asked several times: Q: What do you do exactly? What does your day consist of?  What characteristics & attributes do you have to have to become a stylist? A: I am a full time fashion wardrobe stylist and I also run a fashion production company. As a fashion wardrobe stylist my days are different everyday! Sometimes I am working on set for a music video, on loaction shooting for a magazine, or a campaign. Other days I am with my celebrity clients doing fittings with them, planning out their looks for the red carpet or simply just their everyday wardrobe. And some days I am in my office in downtown LA with my assistants planning and prepping for our next big shoot or event. Obviously as a stylist you must have a great eye for style and also to be able to forecast upcoming trends. I am constantly on Style.com , WWD.com , and Vogue.com studying all day… everyday. You must be able to think outside of the box and be creative, take risks, and chances! You want your client and style to stand out! ALSO another important quality as a stylist…..you must be STRONG and physically in shape because you will be carrying pounds and pounds of clothing, jewelry, and shoes. Dont let all the designer goods fool you…this job can be tough! Another important thing….. Just because you love fashion does not mean you are a good stylist. As a stylist you dont want to think about YOU..but you want to think about your client! This means you cant dress your client in all the fancy things that you like for yourself….that is a big NO NO! If you want to get into styling the biggest advice I can give you is  INTERN and ASSIST as much as possible! Here are some behind the scene images of how a typical day would look like for me! You can either comment on this blog, facebook, or tweet us to answer your question! Just Ask Chriselle! Xx Chriselle