Eat What You Wear, Wear What You Eat

Not sure if my love of these bright colored blazers come from my lovely little obssession of french macaroons…but if so i’ll blame it on my beau. When we first started dating I would come home to a lovely box of freshly baked macaroons on a weekly basis..(sadly yes..2 years into the relationship..macaroon visits went from weekly to monthly to now bi monthly..Le Sigh, but i still love u boo!). So here is one thing Olivia Palermo and I have in common….NEUTRALS. This past fall/winter all i wore were neutral and muted colors but hey as seasons change so do we. As much as I still love my neutral pieces I have finally decided its about time to add a pop of color! Sooooo my lovely darlins’ lets Spring into Spring with a box of macaroons and a bright blazer!  They say, “You are what you eat” but in my case its “Eat What you Wear, Wear What You Eat” (RULE OF THUMB: Love Olivia’s pop of orange on her heels but beware when trying to mimic this look do NOT match the exact same color shade  of your blazer to your will look WAY too thought out and “Matchy matchy.” You still want to look effortless like Olivia does here. So make sure the colors are a little off …brighter orange on top…lighter orange/yellow on the shoes. )




I promise you I have THE biggest sweet tooth ever (period.) My obsession with Macaroons can come close to my obsession with shoes (in which both are an expensive hurts the bank account the other hurts the waist). This thanksgiving week has been an overall indulgence in sweets..sweets…and more sweets. Besides obsession with thigh high stockings which I have been using these nude thigh highs in alot of my shoots. Every gal needs to own a pair of thigh highs..its an instant pick me up in order to feel sexy. I must admit as much as I LOVE  Alber Elbaz I was not impressed for the Lanvin x H&M collaboration. (although I was VERY impressed with the marketing and promotion of the collection) I was sent several pieces (Thank you Katie! ) but the only piece that Im in LOVE with is this faux fur jacket..its absolutely perfect for any occasion! I guess Im just hard to please BUT word on the street says that VALENTINO x GAP..and I saw some of the pieces and just seems too good to be true. But then again im not buying into this hype of collaborations anymore. More than half the people that buy these pieces buy them to sell them on Ebay for twice the price. and what? People actually buy them! Anyways…I need to go on a Detox from macaroons & shoes.