Traipsing Up & Around

This weekend was spent traipsing up & around downtown, dinner reservations, & shopping extravaganzas.  But most of all spending quality time with my ever so loving mommy and sis Eye It Try It. With Summer coming to an end i’ve been spending most of my days in bright vibrant colors. Never thought of pairing this […]

A Fresh Bloomed Closet

(via This past weekend my sister Eye It Try It and I went to go visit some of LA’s best flower markets….I must confess, I can never resist the full ruffly blooms of peonies, especially the pink ones. To think outside of the box one must be inspired…and for me to be inspired (epsecially […]

A Laceful Weekend

A quiet & laceful weekend it was…i found myself spending quality time with my younger sister (Eye It Try It) to organize, plan, and get inspired for my wedding. I’ve always had a longstanding love affair with lace for as long as i can remember. (via Fashion Gone Rogue, Popbee) After taking a week off […]