Think Again

posted by on 2011.11.20, under Fashion Tutorials

Here’s a quick look into the 7 most coveted and basic pieces that i’ve been rotating this season! Who said you needed alot of clothes to build a huge wardrobe? Have you ever sat in front of your closet not knowing what to wear and wishing you had more clothes? {*raises hand* i’m guilty of this too sometimes} THINK AGAIN and watch this video!


The Blouse- Young Broke & Fabulous, Leather Jacket- A.L.C, Blazer- H&M, Scarf- ASOS, Skirt- American Apparel, Jeans- Frankie B., Little Black Dress- Jane Oh

So I challenge you this week to take some of your basic pieces and mix & match it in a way that you have never thought of!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and ready for this Thanksgiving week!

Have a glamorous & festive week!



Back To School Fashion

posted by on 2011.09.02, under Fashion Tutorials

It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold…it’s that awkward “in-between” season. I wanted to dedicate a video for all you girls getting ready to go Back To School. So before you pack away all your summer favorites watch this video! It might save you some $$$ on splurging on a complete new wardrobe for the fall season! ENJOY

Green Blouse- Katwalk Boutique

Jacket- Helmut Lang

Shorts- from HK

Tights- Wolford

Boots- Zara

Tank- BCBG

Scarf- Urban Outfitters

Oversized cardigan- Free People

Shorts- Vintage Levis

Tights- Wolford

Boots- Boutique 9

Blouse- Vintage

Black blazer (underneath)- Rachel Roy

Nude blazer- Zara

Skirt- Zara

Tights- Wolford

Boots- Zara

Sweater- Love Culture

Jacket- Urban Outfitters

Skirt- H&M

Boots- Boutique 9

Purse- c/o Coach

Tank- BCBG

Denim button up- Levis

Jacket- Helmut Lang

Scarf- Zara

Pants- Random boutique on Melrose

Belt- Zara

Boots- Zara

Let me know if you guys enjoyed this tutorial! Im also  planning out the next couple of tutorials …would love to hear what you guys would like to see in the next couple of tutorials!

Love ,


Letting Go To Breathe

posted by on 2011.07.20, under Chriselle Inc.

So it has been a wildly scattered & intensely busy week thus far but I got the chance yesterday to soak up the sun all while filming a new tutorial! We stopped to catch a breath at one of my favorite sushi restaurants with a grand oceanview to Catalina island. Oceanview & an afternoon at the beach, in all this golden summer sunshine, I cannot help but daydream for a moment about the BIG day! (eeek, butterflies!)

an oh! I love my new billowy summer dress from Free people and how it whisks in the wind with each little  footstep. In the midst of madness sometimes something as simple as taking a stroll at the beach & eating some sushi instantly relaxes my mind, body, &soul.

and you? How do you guys relax in the midst of chaos?  I think we can all use some pointers on relaxing and Letting Go To Breathe!




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