Random Snippets

The Glitter Guide came over  the other week to capture some  Random Snippets of my life-

1. My passed down Hermes -love pieces that have had a history // 2. Im an avid sunglass collector. I’ve had lots of luck when it comes to finding designer vintage goods. My favorite find so far are these vintage Diors’ circa 1960s. // 3. Mixing & matching pieces from Givenchy, Free People, Michael Kors, Beso Beso, and another vintage find (on my right). // 4. Stacks of books to keep me inspired & a bouquet of fresh hydrangeas to freshen up the house. // 5. I love jewelry but I also love things that organizes my pieces! //6. The new Gucci Black Strappys..Welcome home babes. // 7. My favorite part of the morning- adorning myself.

What are some of your most coveted obsessions?

<<Images via GlitterGuide/ Photos taken by  Jessie Webster>>



She Shimmers & Glitters

Pretty much obsessed with anything that shimmers and glitters these days and may I add a  rekindled love affair for anything sequins.

A couple of snapshots of some of my collection  of glitter & sequins. 

Decided to tone it down by adding a more conservative cardigan from Lanvin to  this glammed up sequins Roberto Cavalli mini. 

And of course my absolute favorite pair of heels by Jimmy Choo. Shining from a mile away is an understatement when wearing these babies. 

Practically lived in the bathroom of our hotel at the Royalton in New York…Although I must admit it is quite awkward to see your body in every angle possible.

Scored this Zara skirt in New York…fits like a glove and shines like a disco ball!

Ecstatic that the holidays are just a couple months away! Sequins and all that glitter gets me in that oh so jolly holiday mood! ( Am I getting a little ahead of myself? lol)



Froze & Fluttered

Do you believe in Love At First Sight?

I surely do…especially after I laid my eyes on this beautiful Roberto Cavalli bejeweled reptile. It’s one of those pieces that my heart  froze & fluttered for. Has your heart froze & fluttered for anything before??



Special Food For The Skin To Eat

As most of you guys know I live with a food enthusiest (my sister Eye It Try It), and I am engaged to a man who believes that in another lifetime he was or should be the asian Anthony Bourdain of the Food Network…so by default (not by choice) im ALWAYS eating!!

So last night I had Sake, Coffee, AND rice for dinner (literally and not so literally..you will find out)

So when I recieved this package in the mail today… I was excited beacuse I knew it had to be some real legit food if they’ve been around since 1957! Dont mind the fact that it says SKIN in all caps.. all I saw was “Food…since 1957″.

And to my surprise…it was all along a skincare line called “Skin Food.”  Cute & catchy name right?

From their Coffee Body Scrub, to their Rice Mask Wash Off, to their Black Sugar Mask Wash off…..how awwwwwe-dorable are these names. Names so good that it gets your stomache growling & thinkin of whats for dinner already.

and I kid you not they smell as good as they sound and look. I know they said its not edible..but I beg to differ! Its too good to be true!

Im not a fan of drinking sake but i might have to think twice about this Peach Sake emulsion for the skin. I love their saying , “Special food for the skin to eat.” and yes…

So yes last night I had sake, coffee, and rice for dinner! Well what I REALLY meant to say was…..my SKIN had sake, coffee, and rice for dinner. ;)

At this moment I can feel my skin eating away all that peach Sake. Layering all these products on my face Im sure I will have dreams of Peaches, rice, and coffee tonight.

So on the topic of food…..If there was one type of food that best describes you what would it be?

I would be a tangerine- im sweet but sometimes sour and im hard to peel but once you get to the core im a softie on the inside ;)



p.s Thank you Mina for sending me this lovely package xoxo

2 Things…

And my coral obsession continues. I can ALWAYS count on my coral pieces to perk up my tired face in the morning. Nars creme blush in “Orgasm” and my new found color obsession with Vegas Vault by MAC.  These are my 2 beauty MUST HAVES for this summer!  What are your 2 beauty must haves?