I Feel Naked

posted by on 2011.06.09, under Lovely Obsessions

When it comes to my wardrobe I have always adored a perfect juxtaposition- old & new, Vintage & modern, simple & Ornate. Some of my best outfits has been as simple as an oversized white T & wearing layers upon layers of jewels. I’ve always been smitten by strong necklaces, stone pieces, vintage bracelets, & stud earrings. Im an avid collector of anything shimmery & sparkly…here’s some pieces from my collection. Accessories has always played a huge role in my life….Often times I Feel Naked without my clusters of shimmer & sparkles.

What do you feel Naked without?



WUed Me Over

posted by on 2011.06.08, under Lovely Obsessions

I’ve always had this crazy obsession with pairing Leather & Tweed together.Clean lines, spring tweed dresses with leather lining.  It’s simply the perfect balance between sophistication & edginess.  Dying over Jason Wu’s Resort 2012 collection….

Thank You Mr. Wu. you have WUed Me Over once again!

Hope you are all having a lovely week thus far. I will be on set styling another campaign once again. Outfit post & updates coming tomorrow!




(Photographer- Jimmy Cohrseen)

There are a few things in a woman’s closet  that stand the test of time…and a LWB (little white blouse) is one of those things. I cannot tell you how many times I have put this LWB in rotation..but it’s seemingly perfect for any given occasion. In order for any woman to build a great wardrobe they must start off with the appropriate basics and then build off from there. I paired mine with some bold statement pieces…I’ve had a long love affair with costume jewelry/ bold statement pieces for as long as I know (probably watching my grandma adorn herself with jewels when I was young), and i’ve been quite smitten by anything animal print.

It’s only Tuesday but it’s been a beautiful whirlwind with so many new lovely projects- Working with Victorias Secret on Thursday, prepping to style for 4 new campaigns clients, and filming new tutorials with Michelle Phan for your viewing pleasure!

But in all the while I have been receiving the most utterly charming and impossibly thoughtful messages, comments, & tweets from all of you …and its been quite delightful! Although I may not respond to each comment/message/tweet…know that I read each  & every one of them and am utterly grateful for each and every one of you. It’s been a Heartfelt week….thank you!



p.s – LWB- equipment, Skirt- BCBG, Necklace/Earrings- Bebe

A Laceful Weekend

A quiet & laceful weekend it was…i found myself spending quality time with my younger sister (Eye It Try It) to organize, plan, and get inspired for my wedding. I’ve always had a longstanding love affair with lace for as long as i can remember.

(via Fashion Gone Rogue, Popbee)

After taking a week off (due to my wisdom teeth extraction)  its now back to business. Back to business with my positively overflowing inbox that slightly (just slightly) gives me a bit of a panic attack.  But there is a certain anticipation of things to come, or perhaps the anticipation comes from  the start of a new week and so many lovely things to look forward to in the days and weeks ahead.

It’s a new day & new week to conquer your goals and to chase after what you love most!

Hope your week is off to a great start!



The Tales Of The Traveling Hat

posted by on 2011.04.19, under Lovely Obsessions

Totally reminiscent of the Bianca Jagger days of the 1970s. 40 years later its one of 2011′s hottest spring must haves once again. Like history..fashion will ALWAYS repeat itself. Besides it’s a perfect accessory to protect your skin!

Here I’m wearing an Elizabeth & James blouse, Alexander Wang pants, Alexander wang purse , and floppy hat from Forever 21.

Here’s a quick update…we will be releasing the Spring fashion tutorial sometime this week..Michelle and I finished filming & writing the script for it yesterday! Also just finished editing my very first intro video to my Youtube channel. Hopefully *crossing my fingers* i will be able to get that uploaded by this week as well!

I caught a horrible cold  so please excuse the absence on Twitter & Facebook! Im trying to recover asap!



A Striped Muse

posted by on 2011.03.30, under Lovely Obsessions

Currently obsessed with anything and everything striped…whether horizontal, vertical, or slanted. It’s just downright a classic statement pattern without being too obnoxiously bold. Maybe it has to do with my obsession with long clean lines (ok fine, thats just my OCDness) or maybe it has to do with my childhood love and inspiration…….

A-ha! that must be it. Where’s Waldo… Forever A Striped Muse of mine.



A Brighter Place- Happy Spring!

posted by on 2011.03.21, under Lovely Obsessions

Although gloomy & drizzling here in LA…it’s officially SPRING! HAPPY SPRING to you and yours!

Let us celebrate all the neons and brights seen all over the runway this spring and experiment with bold pieces.

Together we shall make the world a brighter place!



Round Things Part 2

posted by on 2011.03.15, under Lovely Obsessions

I cant lie..when I walked out of the house last night in full swing of polka dots from top the bottom I did fill a little clown-esque. But seriously my love for polka dots are undeniable. Just like the whole red on red (monochromatic outfits) has been a huge hit this season…you will see TONS of print on print as well. My lust for Round things and monochromatic colors will forever livvvvve! (pants are from zara, top is from Dolce&Gabbana)



Time Machine

posted by on 2011.03.11, under Lovely Obsessions

Yes I know I’ve been completely overly obsessive over my round round round shades but not gonna lie  I am AS obsessive with these extreme cat eyes! Super inspired by the 1950s Costume glamour especially their intricate accessories! Hold up…Let me quickly step into my time machine and take it back to my favorite era….the 50′s. The days of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sophie Loren . Thank u Tom Ford for makin these glasses and for temporarily taking me back in time.

Which decade inspires you?



Long Live the G-pa, Oversized Sunnies, & The Red Hair

posted by on 2011.03.05, under Lovely Obsessions

Rely on your accessories to do the work for you….A giant pair of vintage studs paired with oversized sunnies will never fail you. I generally dont like to wear make up during the day (especially on the weekends) …. so I will NEVER leave the house without a pair of oversized shades. Seriously my obsession with oversized shades and accessories is undeniable.

Not sure why my hair looks so red in this image but im kinda diggin it.Maybe it has to do with my  obsession with Taylor Tomasi Hill. Channeling My Inner Hill.

Will be wining  & dining with the fam this weekend for the old man G-pa’s 90th birthday!

Long live THE G-pa, Oversized Sunnies, & Red hair!




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